Moving Forward

clinton.jpg{image via}

The results are in, and we are still very much digesting the dynamic of this election. We rarely get political with you all, and with no intention do we do so now as a way to isolate any viewpoint. We speak our minds at this moment to express our belief in progression — our advocacy for equality and acceptance for all races, genders, sexualities, religions and backgrounds. We prioritize healthcare, education, the environment, and the common good for our nation and the world.

We are hopeful and strong willed. Now is not the time to wallow and sigh, but to unite and stand together to make change. We are hopeful that our country will be a place of humility, tolerance, and peace. Succumbing to frustration will not let us grow, but only hold us back in our hostilities. Be the light that you wish to see, and take a stance for the reformation we are capable of. ❤

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