2016 Gift Guide // The Homebody


So in making these gift guides, we’re actually just realizing that we’re pretty much just making lots and lots of wish lists, haha (hint hint: that wine rack, though!). This is yet another extremely relatable theme – for that person who just likes to snuggle up watching Netflix, only getting up when absolutely necessary. Someone who is happy as a clam with a glass of wine, music, pjs, dim lighting, and a jigsaw puzzle/knitting needles/coloring book. Our hearts are warming just thinking about it.

1. Dreamy Cotton PJ Set
2. Geo Wine Holder
3. Embroidered Pillow
4. Cozy Socks
5. Faux Fur Throw
6. Fifty/Fifty Candle
7. Marble Incense Holder
8. White Sage Bodywash
9. Desk Lamp
10. African Black Soap Face Mask

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