Happy Weekend!

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Another weekend down, friends! We’re feeling a wee bit beat ourselves… just lots to do before our vacay! But we’re gearing up for lots of holiday parties and lounging ahead. How’re you all feeling? Ampin’ up??

cct //
 Piggy-backing off of Reg’s link from 2 weeks ago (I Cut 5 Unnecessary Spending Habits for 30 Days and This is What Happened) – How to Trick Yourself Into Spending Less Money Online

rkv // Santa hat drinking game!

cct // Late shoppers: beautiful items in these curated Gift Guides by The Maryn (make sure to scroll all the way through!), which include –The Snow Bunny, The Francophile, The Minimalist, The Cool Kids, The Art Lover & The Beach Babe. You may not have time to order these items, but maybe they’ll inspire other local gift ideas!

rkv // This Chrome extension will replace all photos of Trump with kitten pic

cct // I love the idea of creating An Articles Club (rather than a book club). One of my favorite things is posting these Friday Links because I always have so many articles that I can’t wait to share with my friends and family!

rkv // Give the gift of baked goods 

cct // America, The Beautiful — In 52 Incredible Photos

rkv // The most Googled topics of 2016


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