Holiday Vaca

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Welp, it’s Monday again…but at least it’s the last Monday until Christmas – that’s exciting! While we love, love, looove the holidays, they are always busier than we expect –meet-ups with friends who are home, last minute shopping trips, family cookie decorating afternoons, and then of course the usual hustle and bustle of work and real life.

With all of this going on at once, we’ve decided to take ourselves a little Holiday vaca from the blog. We’ll miss you, but we need a week or so to chill and be present with our friends and family. We still plan to post periodically via instagram, but we’re taking a break on here until after the New Year.

We hope you have a fantastic holiday, and we’ll see you soon!! xo G&M.

In the mean time to keep yourselves busy…

Christmas Eve Cocktails – 1 & 2
Last Minute Christmas Decor
Holiday playlists – 1, 2, 3, 4
Holiday Host & Hostess Gifts
Festive outfits: Christa & Reg

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