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Happy Weekend!

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Anyone have fun plans this weekend?? Christa is still in Denver shredding the gnar with her mom & bro, and Reg will be relaxing in Boston while she wraps up her most recent read The Girl on The Train. Things have been pretty low-key these days, and we’re not complaining! Have a beautiful weekend, lovies!

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January Moodboard


Happy Monday, loves! I have to say, although I like pink, it’s not my usual go-to, but this whole getting married thing has got me extremely lovey & girly ☺️. I’m loving the warm, romantic pinks as a contrast to the stark white and blue landscapes I’m seeing in Colorado right now (also amazingly beautiful in their own way!!). Xo

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Happy Weekend!

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Hey, girl. I see you’re wearing your party pants because it’s Friday.

Yaaaaas it is indeedy! We’re jazzed to recover from our first week back to reality. How did you all hold up? Hopefully it wasn’t too bad! Ours started out rough but smoothed out as the week went on. Now we’re ready to get back to the Friday Night Lights marathon that we left off on! See ya on Monday!

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We’re back!


Hi friends! We’re back from our little hiatus and we’re feelin’ refreshed (or as refreshed as you can be while you desperately want to continue staying home binging on shows…). We had a lovely week of bopping around town, hanging with friends, and eating everything in sight. We’re excited to share our holiday hangs with you, but sorry in advance that all of our photos are iPhone pics…we really went hard with the “no blogging” thing 🙂

We started the vaca week off with exciting news that Christa and Curtis got engaged!! (She’ll be putting together a post all about it real soon, so stay tuned!) It added some additional fun to their annual Christmas Party, which was festive and joyous as usual! We ate our little hearts out (pot luck dinners, man, they’re intense!), stayed up way too late, and made Reg’s first Dutch Baby, using Chrissy Teigen’s recipe from her new Cravings cookbook that Christa gave Reg for Christmas. #YUM

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Christa & our friend Lauren


We tried out a new West Hartford bar, Noble & Co. with our lady loves, Julie & Rachael, and had way too much fun taking selfies all night…that’s what happens when you don’t get to hang out as much as you’d like!

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And we finished off the week hang at one of our favorite places to get caffeinated – Dom’s Coffee. It’s just so tasty, and the atmosphere is spot on. We ran into two of Christa’s friends – Victoria & Karri, both working hard on their businesses! #bossladies

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Now we’re back in the real world, hoping this short week flies by so we can resume lounge mode. Christa is off to Denver on Sunday for a week of skiing, so stay tuned for that as well! How were your holidays?! xo


Holiday Vaca

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Welp, it’s Monday again…but at least it’s the last Monday until Christmas – that’s exciting! While we love, love, looove the holidays, they are always busier than we expect –meet-ups with friends who are home, last minute shopping trips, family cookie decorating afternoons, and then of course the usual hustle and bustle of work and real life.

With all of this going on at once, we’ve decided to take ourselves a little Holiday vaca from the blog. We’ll miss you, but we need a week or so to chill and be present with our friends and family. We still plan to post periodically via instagram, but we’re taking a break on here until after the New Year.

We hope you have a fantastic holiday, and we’ll see you soon!! xo G&M.

In the mean time to keep yourselves busy…

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Festive outfits: Christa & Reg

Happy Weekend!

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Another weekend down, friends! We’re feeling a wee bit beat ourselves… just lots to do before our vacay! But we’re gearing up for lots of holiday parties and lounging ahead. How’re you all feeling? Ampin’ up??

cct //
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cct // Late shoppers: beautiful items in these curated Gift Guides by The Maryn (make sure to scroll all the way through!), which include –The Snow Bunny, The Francophile, The Minimalist, The Cool Kids, The Art Lover & The Beach Babe. You may not have time to order these items, but maybe they’ll inspire other local gift ideas!

rkv // This Chrome extension will replace all photos of Trump with kitten pic

cct // I love the idea of creating An Articles Club (rather than a book club). One of my favorite things is posting these Friday Links because I always have so many articles that I can’t wait to share with my friends and family!

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Sweet Beats // December 2016

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You guys! It’s Christa’s birthday! Happy 27th boo boo kitty!! In the spirit of December 14th, the holidays, and everything joyful and grand, I was feeling on the Motown and funk vibes. Some of the titles of these songs are kind of hilariously anti-joy — aka, “the world is going up in flames” — but hey, it’s all about the feeling, yeah?

Click here to listen on Spotify!

december 2016

beacon // matt duncan

celebrate // anderson .paak

a new day // the notations

la turnaround // nick waterhouse

the world (is going up in flames) // charles bradley

please come home for christmas // sharon jones & the dap-kings

didn’t i // darondo

merry christmas baby // otis redding

it was you // james brown

something’s gotta hold on me // etta james

son of a preacher man // dusty springfield

i’ve got a woman // ray charles

baby don’t go // the supremes

where did our love go? // the supremes

we’ve got (honey love) // the velvelettes

oogum boogum song // brenton wood

December Moodboard


Happy snowy-slushy(?!) Monday, friends! What a lovely weekend we had! We had an early birthday weekend celebration in Hartford for Christa (whose real bday is on Wed), with dinner at Present Company on Saturday night, and lots of bopping around town, getting our nails done, shopping and snacking. Christa is pretty into December 😉

{clockwise from left corner 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}


2016 Gift Guide // The Homebody


So in making these gift guides, we’re actually just realizing that we’re pretty much just making lots and lots of wish lists, haha (hint hint: that wine rack, though!). This is yet another extremely relatable theme – for that person who just likes to snuggle up watching Netflix, only getting up when absolutely necessary. Someone who is happy as a clam with a glass of wine, music, pjs, dim lighting, and a jigsaw puzzle/knitting needles/coloring book. Our hearts are warming just thinking about it.

1. Dreamy Cotton PJ Set
2. Geo Wine Holder
3. Embroidered Pillow
4. Cozy Socks
5. Faux Fur Throw
6. Fifty/Fifty Candle
7. Marble Incense Holder
8. White Sage Bodywash
9. Desk Lamp
10. African Black Soap Face Mask

2016 Gift Guide // The Foodie


We all have one in our life, and some of us even are them (raises hands). The foodie appreciates anything and everything that makes the dining experience that much more enjoyable. Items that transform their kitchen into their happy space will get your foodie friend all sorts of giddy. We’re all about pretty little home decor items that bring a little extra life and warmth into the kitchen, fancy additives that they may not usually treat themselves to, or items that appreciate the humor in their obsession (note item #4).

What gifts are you guys eyeing for your food fanatic friends this season??

1. Coffee Press Enamble Pin
2. Jacobsen Salt Kit
3. The Food Lab Cookbook
4. Snack Club Key Tag
5. Black Truffle Salt
6. Wooden Salad Servers
7. Marble & Copper Cheese Knives
8. Wooden Cutting Board
9. Printed Dish Towels
10. Jeni’s Buttermilk Frozen Yogurt Collection