Summer Style ’16 // Baggu

Summer calls for bags. You need a farmers’ market bag, a beach bag, an overnight bag, a going out bag, a work bag, a gym bag, a weekender bag…(ok ok, you get the point). And we should know, we’re self-proclaimed bag ladies and have no shame in that! Baggu has all of the bags right now, and we’re thinking we’d like one of each, plz!

Which is your favorite style or pattern?

SBAG_PECH_WTRM_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048SDFL_CBLT_CUTO_02_BCFR_OSHL_2048x2048 BKP4_CNVS_GRID_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 STCL_SDLE_SLVR_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 LBCK_GREY_SLVR_02_BCBA_WBCK_1e7edd0b-a971-470f-962a-6fe65cca6347_2048x2048 BSCT_PSTL_SLVR_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 FLPL_LVND_SLVR_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 DUCK_CNVS_FLOR_01_PROD_0000_8eebc314-1a85-4d64-b0ca-cc83a080c5d9_2048x2048 LBAG_SDLE_0000_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 SBAG_BLSH_FLOR_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 FZPM_BLSH_DOTT_02_CLOS_HNCL_2048x2048  MINP_GREY_SLVR_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 3DZS_SAIL_STRP_01_PROD_0000_2048x2048 MBAG_PSTL_0000_03_BCFR_OFRM_2048x2048 sbag_cblt_ctus_01_prod_0000_2048x2048 DUCK_BLCK_DASY_03_BCFR_OSHL_2048x2048

All images from Baggu


Springy Outfits for Winter Weather

Guys, what is this weather?? This snow is really throwing us for a loop, but we’re still thinking Spring – outfit wise. Keep warm with pastel outerwear, or stay springy underneath your big puffy coat (we’ve moved on to floral and aren’t giving it up!)

Pastel Woolens:


Infinity Scarf

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 // 2 // 3

Don’t let a little winter weather bum you out – keep wearing what you’re wearing and just bundle up a little tighter for the chilly temps. Rock the floral 70s silhouettes – even with a little snow on the ground.

70s Silhouettes:gm_spring_winterweatherwear copy




1 // 2 // 3


Copy Cat


If you can’t tell, this season we’re kind of very into neutrals — specifically greys and blacks.  It’s just so easy to match them, and when they’re all a great texture, you can look really pulled together. This little number is especially awesome, because it involves stretchy pants and sneakers — two staples for weekend daytime wear. And because these leggings are coated, with a quick change of the shoes you have your Saturday dinner outfit all ready to go. This wool-blend coat will keep you warm from the winter chill, and the beaded-tassel necklace keeps you on trend.

wool coat
tassel necklace
coated leggings
black shoulder bag
pullover sweater


image via

Put a Scarf on It, Part Une

Hey all, and welcome to our first official post of the new year! Hope you all had a splendid couple of days off, and feeling alive and ready to rock 2015’s world.

Two weekends back, Christa threw her annual holiday pot-luck, which we always make a dressy occasion (because, why not?). The day of, we were sort of on a roll. Somehow we had managed to get two post photo-shoots done, the house tidied, and meals started, all before 3:00. At this point we figured hey, we’re getting dressed up anyways, might as well get some outfit shots out of it!

And since no New England winter look is complete without a scarf, here is our tribute.

(By the way, I swear I smile more than this… I was just trying to channel my inner Tyra with my “smeyes.”)

gm_RV_ChristmasDress_4 gm_RV_ChristmasDress_3 gm_rv_christmasdress gm_RK_ChristmasDress_7gm_RV_ChristmasDress_2


Cable Knit Cowl Scarf (Gap)
Floral Blouse (Loft, similar)
Chiffon Pleated Skirt (Loft, similar)
Ankle Booties (Madewell, similar)
Necklace (Madewell, similar)
Initial Stud Earrings (Kate Spade Saturday)
Wristlet (Baggu)

Sister Gift Guide

Alright guys, it’s hump day (yay!) and it’s a special hump day…it’s exactly 2 weeks from Christmas! So we’re going to finish out this week with some fun gift guides so you can get some inspiration and quickly order any last minute gifts before time runs out! First off, the sister gift guide!

Here we have a  list that you can mix and match for your sis, to create one great gift that she’ll not only flaunt, but get lot’s of use out of – a win win!

sister guide

Baggu Tote // $45 Practical and timeless, this carry-all is a great little something that your sister is bound to use again and again. Also available in horizontal stripes.

Jewelry Box // $49 – This organizer will make you want to sort your tangled jewelry web, which is no easy feat. Sadly the small size for this box has sold out, but West Elm still has the large size available. They also have several other beautiful finish options to choose from.

Striped Throw // $29 – *Currently on sale for $15!* These blankets are stupidly soft. She’ll either love you for it, or hate you for it, because she’ll never get off the couch again.

Vintage Cocktail Book // $35 – This well-designed book will look awesome on her coffee table, as well as teach her classy recipes to get a little tipsy with.

Kate Spade Bracelet // $58 – This little baby is never going to go out of style, and will certainly be appreciated when she wants to add a little extra bling to her look.

Silk Pajama Pants // $64 – So these pants are a bit of a splurge, but have you ever slept in silk pjs before? It’s marvelous, and worth the investment if you like the idea of your legs rolling in heaven. Plus, Gap pretty much always has coupons floating around or some sort of in-store sale, so if you keep your eyes peeled, you can likely get a killer deal on these bad boys.

Mercury Glass Candle // $25 These candles have a sophisticated-cool glossy finish and smell oh so very nice. When the candle is out, she can pop the container in the freezer to remove the leftover wax. Then she can say hello to her new hairbrush holder.

L’occitane Lotion Set // $28 – These travel size hand-lotions will keep those cracked cuticles in check during these dry winter months. With luxe scents like rose, jasmine, and violet she’ll feel fancy and fresh.

Essie Nail Polish // $8 – “Cashmere bathrobe” is an understated metallic, in a steely gunmetal grey. It’s a great neutral, yet has just enough shimmer to make you feel a little dolled up.

**And if you missed them, Mom & Dad gift guides!