Happy Weekend!

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Hello, loves! It’s been awhile since our last Happy Weekend post because of vacations and such – but it’s great to be back! We love sharing the fun stuff we find online throughout the week.:) I know we just said we wanted to hold onto summer for as long as possible, but the fall baked goods popping up everywhere are calling our names! How amazing and unique is that pie?!

Anyway…how are y’ll spending your Labor Day weekend? We’re taking it easy and are very excited about it!

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cct // Guys, I stumbled upon a magnificent project that I want everyone to know about! It’s called The Rescued Film Project, and it started when this young photographer ended up with thousands of undeveloped film from WWI and realized how special it is to come across undeveloped film that no one else has ever seen! He now seeks out undeveloped film from all over the country, develops it and posts it online on his Facebook and website. It’s just so interesting!

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Happy Weekend!

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We’re feelin’ pretty pumped for this weekend, because it’s finally time for what we like to call… Winterfest! Which is basically just hanging out with some of our favorite people at our friend’s house in New Hampshire. We’ve been trying to plan the chill-sesh for a couple of years now, so we’re looking forward to taking it easy with good food, card games, and a lovely scenic view.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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