Happy Weekend!

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Is it really Friday already? Not that we’re complaining, but man did this week fly by. Busy bees I guess! I moved into my new place, and Reg is getting into moving mode herself. This weekend is Cinco De Mayo weekend AND the Kentucky Derby, are you attending any parties? Drink a delicious mint julep or margarita, on us!

cct // So emo lol – 23 Perfect Words for Emotions You Never Realized Anyone Else Felt 

rkv // Since we’ll be losing some storage space in our new apartment, my roommates and I keene on the idea of finding an inexpensive way to mount our bikes on the wall

cct // Now with more space in the new apartment, I want more greenery in my life! This mason jar herb garden DIY is the perfect start!

rkv // So true — behind the scenes of vingette styling

cct // Are you throwing out perfectly good food?

rkv // A simple & pretty way to jazz your nails up this spring

cct // Matcha is trending hardcore right now, have you tried it? I’ve been seeing a lot of recipes for popsicles, smoothies & lattes!

rkv // Hilary Duff is on Tinder. Why, not? Take a crazy chance.

Happy Weekend!

happy weekend

Oh, weekend. You are looking so fine right about now. With it being a holiday and all, we’re hoping you guys will all be enjoying it as well! So go on out there and do some springy, fun, and relaxing activities – you deserve it!

rkv // Don’t these honey – peanut butter – coconut cookies (seen above) look scrumptious? I may swap out the pb with almond butter, but either way I’m dying to try ’em!

cct // This short documentary follows a young go-getter wedding photographer & a talented Instagramer, exploring the range of photography these days. It’s beautiful and fun!

rkv // 10 meals to make for less than $50 from The Every Girl – I’ll take it!

cct // I’m trying to channel my inner confidence even thinking about going to work completely make up free – let alone go without it everyday. Good for her to thinking it through and making up her own mind about wearing make up!

rkv // This herringbone diy wall art is so simple and cute!

cct // A great question recently got brought up – Can TV characters really afford their rents? This infographic breaks it down nicely, and boy are things off sometimes…

rkv // I found this little article about learning to unplug pretty refreshing, and something I think a lot of people need to embrace more often.

cct // Interesting take on interior design – “Why Psychoanalysts Care About Interior Design”

Winter Lips

It’s inevitable to catch some of that chapped winter lip, but if you’re smart you’ll prepare ahead of time. I did not…hence my intensive research on “the best chapsticks” and DIY lip sugar scrubs. I have made different types of sugar scrubs in the past and I always forget how easy they are! I was excited to stumble across Brit + Co.‘s amazing line up of DIY sugar lip scrubs, ranging from Orange, Clove & Honey to Pumpkin Spice. I thought their Rosemary & Peppermint would best suit my needs for that soft feel and soothing tingle.Brit+Co._Rosemary-PeppermintRecipe & images from Brit + Co.

– brown or white sugar
extra virgin coconut oil
– chopped rosemary leaves
peppermint flavor extract

 Pick a container (I usually use a recycled jar with a nice tight lid), and measure your sugar so that the container is just about half full.
2. Measure the coconut oil—you want a 1:1 ratio of oil to sugar.
3. Transfer oil and sugar to a mixing bowl, then add the chopped rosemary leaves, followed by peppermint flavor extract. Add each of these to taste.
4. Mix gently to combine—over-mixing will make the granules begin to dissolve.
5. Add scrub to your air-tight storage container and refrigerate for up to two weeks. Remove from fridge at least five minutes before use so that the mixture can soften.
6. Scrub into lips to exfoliate!


Seriously guys, smooth kissable lips are more important than you think! I am always about to put some lipstick on when I realize my scraggly lips can’t handle it. (Also, the more chapped your lips the more the wine will seep in, giving you the dreaded “purple lip”).

Here are some of our favorite store bought lip solutions:GM_WinterLips

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm // Rosebud Salve // Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment // Carmex // Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm // Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm