For the Love of Cafés


We’re probably all feeling the same way these days when it comes to cozy-ing up on the weekends and being shamelessly mellowed out. Something about the middle of January just does that to us, huh? Lately all we’ve been wanting to do is curl up at local cafés, kindle in hand, latte on the table, and just unwind. How divine to these spaces look? Makes you want to design a little corner/oasis right in your apartment, doesn’t it?

We’re hoping that this New England snow storm is just mild enough that we can still meet up in Boston, but wintery enough that we can wander out and search for a cozy café like these…



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And if you’re looking for some local cozy love – check out these lovely cafés in the Hartford area & Brookline/Boston…

In Conn., Dom’s Coffee, J.Rene Coffee Roasters, Sarah’s Coffee House, Tisane & Hartford Baking Company

In Boston, Tatte, Pavement, Thinking Cup & Caffé Nero

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Happy Weekend!

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Today and tomorrow are 2 very specials days…today is National Donut Day, and tomorrow is Reg’s birthday! We get to spend the weekend together with our guys, good roomies and delicious food – aka the perfect birthday. We’re hoping to pop over to Harpoon for a brewery tour on Sat, have a fancy-pants seafood dinner that night, and enjoy another tasty brunch on Sunday morning. Cheers to that!

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PS. Did you guys get a chance to hear our interview on The Dinner Special podcast?? Learn all about how we met, our favorite places to grab a bite in our two cities, and what our last meal would be (hint — it’s covered in cheese and sauce)!

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Weekend in Boston


Things have been running pretty smoothly with the blog even though we are in different cities, but it is always more fun when we can hang out and have the weekend to ourselves. This past weekend I drove to Boston to visit Reg, and we filled it with tons of projects and photo shoots we’ve been wanting to do together. We also made sure to squeeze in a little fun after all of our blog stuff, and had a total girls weekend. Reg showed me a few of her favorite places to go out, we FINALLY had that lobster roll we’ve been craving since August, and we drank a few delicious drinks along the way. All in all, it was pretty fantastic. This was our girls weekend line up…

Friday: Manicures, delicious homemade salad and then drinks at Hops N Scotch gm_HopsAndScotchHops N Scotch was the perfect low key place for us to grab a beer after our manicures since we both worked on Friday, so it was nice to chat and unwind a bit. We ended up talking the ear off this guy about Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones…oops!

Saturday: Projects, projects, projects and then drinks at Eastern Standard (Island Creek Oyster Bar had a 2 hr wait!) before dinner gm_EasternStandardA two hour wait for dinner was a bit shocking to me, but Reg reminded me where we were…downtown Boston at 7pm on a Sat night. It wasn’t a problem because Eastern Standard is right down the street (both restaurants are owned by the same company) and actually connected through hallways, so we didn’t have to go out in the nasty cold. They have an AMAZING drink list with all sorts of delicious concoctions and it was honestly hard to pick! I got their Old Fashioned (image above) and Reg got their Whiskey Smash (which she’s been raving about for awhile now, so it was nice to finally try!). We stayed the 2 hours, happily chatting away at the bar.

We finally made our way over to Island Creek Oyster Bar for our highly anticipated lobster roll around 9!  gm_ICOBWe definitely didn’t need an appetizer, but when you’ve been waiting for dinner for 2 hours, your eyes are totally bigger than your stomach. We got a white wine cream & garlic mussel dish that totally blew us away and filled us up before our dinner even arrived! We ate as much as we could, but we were no match for our delicious meal. We maxed out our bellies and took a cab home because we were too full to take the T…so I’d say it was pretty successful.

Sunday: Finally slept in a bit, did some baking (coming your way soon!), took the beauty photos from yesterdays post, went to Starbucks, and did some hard core lounging…

We hope you have a chance to check these fun places out, they made for a great weekend for us! We’ll be continuing to visit each other back and forth, so we’re going to gather more places to share! If you’re from the Boston or Hartford areas, what are your favorite places to eat and drink with friends?

Images Sources: Map, Hops N Scotch {Yelp, Biz Batch}, Eastern Standard {Drinks, Logo}, Island Creek {Logo, Food}.