Happy Weekend

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This week was certainly a doozy. Between dinners, holiday shopping, and wrapping up the craziness at work before vacation, we certainly have been keeping ourselves busy. But, there’s always time to surf the web for entertaining links! Hope you all have wonderful weekends, see you on Monday!

cct // Did you guys watch Masters of None? Here are 5 awesome food related things he gets so right.

rkv // Forever finding our way out of the conversational awkward pause

cct // Did you guys see this story on Tracey Norman, a transgender model in the 60s and 70s? Such an inspirational but sad story.

rkv // Have you guys ever smelled these candles? I purchased the Spruce one for our office yankee swap, and it was a big hit.

cct // This make up tho – dang!

rkv // The lightsaber workout

cct // Stocking stuffers, yankee swaps, coworker gifts – this list of Fabulous Gifts Under $25 is much appreciated

rkv // Shut. The. Front. Door. (Such a sucker for celeb gossip)

Etsy Round Up // Vol. 11

It was officially Fall yesterday, and it finally felt like it! A beautiful crisp day with a bright blue sky that made me want to wear wool socks and grab a light jacket – perfect. This Etsy round up feels very fall, with browns, blues and bronzes, coming together nicely for the new season. As usual, I’m hiding my credit card because I want it all…


I pretty much wanted all of the scents, but this felt especially good for Fall


Who doesn’t like an adorable cat shaped eye-mask? The perfect gift for those lovable cat loving ladies in your life


I love stamps, and I love gems – this is perfection to me



1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6


Etsy Round Up // Vol 7

This month’s Etsy Round Up is capturing the moodiness of spring – bright greens (finally things are turning green!) and mysterious darks (gloomy rain clouds hopefully bringing more flowers). Spring is a very unpredictable season, 80° one day and then 55° the next, but that’s not stoping us from ogling online at these gorgeous Etsy items!

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These might be the most beautiful temporary tattoos I’ve ever seen! I think someday I’ll get a tattoo, but in the mean time – these will definitely do!


Since seeing this fun-loving print at the Sequins & Stripes office, I’ve become obsessed! Finding an alternative option on Etsy was such a treat!

Herb Card // Fig & Jasmine Candle // Vintage Dutch ‘Delfts Blauw’ Floral Temporary Tattoo (1, 2) // Black Glass Pyramid Display Box // Earl Grey Tea Shea Butter Soap // Palm Print Cushion Cover