Happy Weekend!


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What’s goin’ on this weekend? We don’t really have a whole lot planned, and we are totally okay with that. Making some dinner, watching a movie (or three), and just embracing some down-time sounds great. We’re not huge sports people, but we’ll likely find a way to get some game-viewing (and chip eating) time in there.

Have a happy weekend! xo

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cct // We’re so excited to announce that we’re going to be doing a monthly contributing series (coming soon!) on the CT Eats Out site! We’ve been hooked on their glorious instagram for quiet awhile now, and we really fell hard for them after I attended one of their featured Oink x Caseus events. So check them out, and keep an eye out for our collaboration!

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Oink x Caseus Pop-up Brunch

Happy Monday, loves! Yesterday I had the wonderful pleasure of attending a really cool pop-up brunch in New Haven, CT. I won 2 tickets through CT Eats Out to an Oink Series brunch held at Caseus, so Curtis and I headed down to New Haven where we met up with a good friend of ours, Brett for a lovely morning.

^ insta photo from before we got our delicious food

The amazing menu was as follows…

Pick one from each –

[omelet] lacinato kale, brebirousse d’argental, horseradish
[rye flour pancakes] rye whiskey maple, banana, bacon fat

[los tres golopes] salami, egg, queso frier, onion
low country [shrimp & grits] preserved tomato, greenhouse herbs

[biscuits & gravy] breakfast sausages

with complimentary hot toddy & East Rock Coffee
+ option for [cinna-bon] for purchase

As you can imagine, I was extremely excited for all of this goodness. So excited, in fact, that I forgot to get a nice photo of my pancake! *sad face* (if you follow me on snapchat you may have quickly seen it! username: chrrrista_ct) But if you want to know what it sort of looked like, see here.

I did however manage to get some glamour shots of the los tres golopes, shrimp & grits, and biscuits & gravy. See below 🙂 #yum


If you’re in CT and are within driving distance of New Haven, you should definitely take advantage of these delicious pop-ups! The service was great, the atmosphere is fantastic and the food was outstanding – a perfect way to stary off a Sunday morning. Cheers to more Oink Pop-up brunches!