Raspberry Sorbet Mimosas


Tomorrow morning is 2015 — woah! When did that happen?

New Year’s morning can be a tricky thing — you’re tired, hung over, and exhausted from the night before, but you most likely want to celebrate the new year with some sort of delicious brunch/cocktail combo. If you’ve planned ahead and made reservations somewhere, congrats — you did great during this hectic holiday season. If not, we’ve got an easy and very delicious raspberry sorbet mimosa for you to show off to your friends!



  • Raspberry sorbet — we used Talento, mainly for it’s gorgeous color, but also because they have tons of sorbet flavors
  • Champagne, Prosecco or Cava — we used Freixenet, a brut Spanish Cava, and it worked well since it didn’t have any extra sweetness (let the sorbet do that)
  • Rosemary sprigs


Just drop a scoop of the sorbet into your glass and fill ‘er up with the bubbles! Swirl around the rosemary sprig to give it a bit of herbaceous delight.

With something this easy, it’s sort of hard to not give it a shot! (*and if you’re looking for a bit of extra sweetness, rim your glass with sugar!)

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Years celebration! For those out East like us, be sure to wear your puffy coats and hats over those party dresses… it’s gonna be a chilly evening!




NYE Outfits

What are your NYE plans? We might be spending it together this year (which hasn’t happened in years!), with a delicious dinner out and then drinks with friends. Sounds pretty great to me! The other *awesome* option was to snuggle up with a cozy cocktail and watch a ton of movies. No matter what you’re up to – have a blast! Here are a couple outfit options for wherever your night might bring you…


Drinks // There’s something about heading out to the bar later than usual that’s fun and exciting! Grab a cute dress, some bling and a cozy coat and be on your way to toast in the new year! Dress // Earrings // Coat // Knee High Boots // Fringe Purse

Dinner // Whether it’s with friends or your significant other, a special dinner to bring in the new year is always a great time. Soft colors and textures feel romantic and girly. Faux Fur Scarf // Leather Jacket // Blouse Tank // Pleated Skirt // Heels

gm_nye_hangin copy

Hangin’ in // Sometimes after dealing with all of the flutter and commotion of the holidays, a quiet evening at home sounds perfect. Cozy up with some soft cotton and celebratory accessories. Party hats // Champaign glasses // Cable knit sweater // Floral joggers // Heart socks

Happy Weekend!

happy weekend


{image via}

G&M will be reunited this Sunday to see Cheerleader (check out their band profile here), and we’re pretty pumped to meet up with a bunch of friends to cheer them on (ha, get it?). Christa will be visiting her brother at Roger Williams for family weekend, and Reg is going to be having a weekend of hostessing, with her old college from coming to visit on Saturday, and then Christa on Sunday and Monday. We’ll be wandering the streets of Boston on Monday, camera in hand – so hopefully we’ll have a post soon of our galavanting!

cct // Madewell’s sweater tips are much needed for this chilly sweater weather

rkv // Such a pretty Halloween face makeup idea!

cct // So I know that I just mentioned that it’s sweater weather, but I stumbled upon this drink and it’s beautiful and delicious looking, so I kind of want to make it now…

rkv // I’ve been super into watching scary things these days, so I was pretty pumped to see this list of the “25 Best Horror Movies Since The Shining

cct // I always wondered how people had such smooth looking faces back then! 

rkv // I’m a bit of an antsy person, so this list of ways to prep before public speaking

cct // I went to buy a ring on etsy the other day and I realized I didn’t exactly know what size that finger was (not one of my usual ring fingers I guess), and I remembered that Catbird has an amazing ring sizing cheat sheet that every girl should have!

rkv // The best way to store your salad greens so they keep longer

Dark ‘n’ Stormy

gm_DarkandStormy_9 copy

How in our adult lives had we never had a Dark ‘n’ Stormy?? This classic cocktail is pretty glorious. On paper, the combination of flavors actually sounds a little strange. But somehow the sweet vanilla of the rum, mixed with the spice of the ginger, and hint of acidity in the lime is pretty kick-ass.


(makes two drinks)

// 1 can ginger beer

// 4 shots dark rum (we were cheapos and went with good ol’ Trader Joe’s brand)

// 8 ice cubes

// lime


And here is our crab friend, Hector, who assisted us with our beachy staging.


To make:

01. Divide your 8 ice cubes between 2 tumblers

02. Fill your tumblers 2/3 of the way full with ginger beer

03. Slowly pour your rum over each to create the gradient look (about 2 shots per glass)

04. Squirt a lime wedge over the top, and create a pinwheel for a garnish

05. Take a photo for Instagram

06. Mix with a spoon and enjoy!


We made these guys on an ironic evening, considering it was rather grey and rainy out, and were very pleased with the results. Do yourself a favor though and don’t drink too many — that sugar from the soda will get to your head, and you will not be feeling so hot the next morning…we may have learned from experience.

Old Lyme

Two weekends ago we spent some quality time with our old buddies in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Over the last couple of years our paths have taken us all to several different cities across the East Coast, so whenever we can manage big group hangouts, it’s always a blast. This year was nothing short of awesome — complete with lots o’ grilling, games, and goofballs. Take a looksie at some snap shots from our weekend retreat!

gm_OldLyme_1 gm_OldLyme_2 gm_OldLyme_3 gm_OldLyme_4 gm_OldLyme_5 gm_OldLyme_7 gm_OldLyme_8 gm_OldLyme_9 gm_OldLyme_10 gm_OldLyme_11 gm_OldLyme_12 gm_OldLyme_13 gm_OldLyme_14 gm_OldLyme_16 gm_OldLyme_17 gm_OldLyme_18 gm_OldLyme_19 gm_OldLyme_20

Grapefruit Lime Fizz


This past weekend the ladies of G&M had a little r&r in New Hampshire. On Saturday, after what was quite possibly the most excruciating hikes of our lives (more on that later this week) we decided we needed to treat ourselves to a little fizzy fruity fun. While shopping for dinner, we concocted in our heads a simple and refreshing cocktail to make our evening that much more relaxing. The Fresca was a last-minute decision after we got back to the house, since we realized it would go perfectly with the flavor combo — shout out/thanks to Christa’s Oma for having it on hand!

Behold, the grapefruit lime fizz!



(makes 4-6 cocktails, depending on size of glass)

// 1 bottle of Prosecco

// 1 jug of ruby red grapefruit juice

// 1 can of Fresca (or your preferred of fruity soda)

// limes

// ice

// pretty straw


To make: 

01. Put 3-4 ice cubes in glass, then fill about half way with your Prosecco.

02. Pour grapefruit juice on top to fill the glass about 3/4 of the way.

03. Top off with a splash of Fresca to add a little sweetness and an ombre effect to your drink.

04. Squeeze a wedge of lime on top and garnish with a lime pinwheel.

05. Add your pretty straw and cheers to summer!


St.Patty’s Day Get Ups

With St. Patty’s weekend almost in full swing, we realized adding the appropriate amount of green to an outfit can be hard. It’s fun to get a little festive, but green isn’t always the most flattering color. Luckily army green and hunter green are in right now! We’ve put together a few outfits for some very possible St. Patty’s day activities that require a little green, so it won’t look like a Leprechaun attacked you…


Parade // St.Patty’s Day in New England can still be a little chilly, especially when you’re outside all morning watching a parade. But this actually can work in our favor, because our bit of green is in this awesome army green parka. So throw this on after you’ve crafted a cute but comfy outfit to walk around and drink beers in. This tote is big enough to toss the jacket into if you’ve warmed up (liquid jacket anyone?) but make sure to keep it poking out a bit so you don’t get pinched!

// Peter Pan Tee // Sunnies (which I’m obsessed with and need to buy asap) // Parka // Vegan Leather Tote // Baseball Cap // Flats // Boyfriend Jeans //


Brunch // For the ladies who brunch, it’s all about comfort and ease. These cargo pants and their jazzy little zippers stand out, while the flowy tank will allow lots of leeway for your big Irish breakfast. Sneakers tone down your gold hardware, and a brown oversized cross body will make it easy to steal the extra biscuits from the bread basket.

// Jean Jacket // Tank // Cargo Pants // Necklace // Cross Body Bag // Sneakers //


Drinks // This lacy frock is easy to dress up or down, and perfect for a night of drinking some green beer with friends (last year we went with green champaign, because we’re classy). You’ll feel slim and sassy in some black skinnies and ankle booties, while staying practical with a light jacket and satchel.

// Lace Shirt // Quilted Jacket // Leather Booties // Necklace // Black Jeans // Cross body Bag //

How are you guy celebrating this year? Let us know!

Love Want Need // Cocktail Shakers

Gm_LoveWantNeed_CocktailsLately it’s become pretty apparent that we have officially become adults. And what’s something that every real adult needs?… a home bar! Here we have some shakers and cloth napkins to keep your home bar practical and trendy. Pair them with some tumblers and a bottle (or four) or your favorite liquors, and you’ll look so adult that you might as well be wearing a sweater vest and mom jeans.

Love // Wood Shaker // Patterned Napkin

Want // Metal Shaker // Gold Trim Napkin

Need // Copper Shaker // Zebra Napkin

Weekend in Boston


Things have been running pretty smoothly with the blog even though we are in different cities, but it is always more fun when we can hang out and have the weekend to ourselves. This past weekend I drove to Boston to visit Reg, and we filled it with tons of projects and photo shoots we’ve been wanting to do together. We also made sure to squeeze in a little fun after all of our blog stuff, and had a total girls weekend. Reg showed me a few of her favorite places to go out, we FINALLY had that lobster roll we’ve been craving since August, and we drank a few delicious drinks along the way. All in all, it was pretty fantastic. This was our girls weekend line up…

Friday: Manicures, delicious homemade salad and then drinks at Hops N Scotch gm_HopsAndScotchHops N Scotch was the perfect low key place for us to grab a beer after our manicures since we both worked on Friday, so it was nice to chat and unwind a bit. We ended up talking the ear off this guy about Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones…oops!

Saturday: Projects, projects, projects and then drinks at Eastern Standard (Island Creek Oyster Bar had a 2 hr wait!) before dinner gm_EasternStandardA two hour wait for dinner was a bit shocking to me, but Reg reminded me where we were…downtown Boston at 7pm on a Sat night. It wasn’t a problem because Eastern Standard is right down the street (both restaurants are owned by the same company) and actually connected through hallways, so we didn’t have to go out in the nasty cold. They have an AMAZING drink list with all sorts of delicious concoctions and it was honestly hard to pick! I got their Old Fashioned (image above) and Reg got their Whiskey Smash (which she’s been raving about for awhile now, so it was nice to finally try!). We stayed the 2 hours, happily chatting away at the bar.

We finally made our way over to Island Creek Oyster Bar for our highly anticipated lobster roll around 9!  gm_ICOBWe definitely didn’t need an appetizer, but when you’ve been waiting for dinner for 2 hours, your eyes are totally bigger than your stomach. We got a white wine cream & garlic mussel dish that totally blew us away and filled us up before our dinner even arrived! We ate as much as we could, but we were no match for our delicious meal. We maxed out our bellies and took a cab home because we were too full to take the T…so I’d say it was pretty successful.

Sunday: Finally slept in a bit, did some baking (coming your way soon!), took the beauty photos from yesterdays post, went to Starbucks, and did some hard core lounging…

We hope you have a chance to check these fun places out, they made for a great weekend for us! We’ll be continuing to visit each other back and forth, so we’re going to gather more places to share! If you’re from the Boston or Hartford areas, what are your favorite places to eat and drink with friends?

Images Sources: Map, Hops N Scotch {Yelp, Biz Batch}, Eastern Standard {Drinks, Logo}, Island Creek {Logo, Food}. 

Holiday Cocktail Creations

It’s party time, people. That means friends, music, cute outfits, good food, and tasty drinks. Today we share with you four concoctions that look positively delightful. We can’t wait to get together with our pals, sip some beverages, and get weird.


1. Orange White Russian

Ice cubes

1/4 cup Kahlua

2 tablespoons vodka

1 tablespoon Cointreau

2 tablespoons heavy whipping cream

1 navel orange

Fill a rocks glass halfway with ice cubes. Add the Kahlua, vodka, and Cointreau and gently stir to blend. Pour the cream over so that it floats on top of the Kahlua mixture. Using a fine grater, grate some orange zest on top. Serve immediately.


2. Cran-Apple Ginger Vodka

2 cups apple juice (use the cloudy type if you can)

2 cups cranberry juice

1/2 cup vodka

2 cups ginger ale

Ice, to serve

Place the apple juice, cranberry juice and vodka in a blender and whiz until pale pink and frothy. Pour into a large serving jug, add the ginger ale and a good handful of ice. Serve immediately.


3. Cinnamon-Orange Hot Chocolate

1/2 cup water

1/4 cup dark chocolate (70%)

1 cinnamon stick

1 cup milk

1-2 tbsp orange liqueur (we got a nip of Grand Marnier)

Put water, chocolate and cinnamon in a saucepan and heat until chocolate has melted. Add milk and bring to a boil. Once done, add orange liqueur, garnish with whipped cream, cocoa powder and chocolate shavings.

{Source} Note: This is a Swedish website and it should translate over to English for you, but if not, we’ve done the conversions for you, so just use this!

4. Whiskey Smash

7 mint leaves

1/2 lemon, quartered

2 oz bourbon

1 tbsp simple syrup

Muddle mint, then lemon quarters. Add simple syrup and continue to muddle until well combined. Add bourbon and shake in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain over shaved (or crushed ice). Garnish with mint sprig.