3 Ways to Behave Yourself on Easter

Ughhhhh, why must holidays involve so many sweet delicious treats, why??? We admit that we severely struggle with self-control whenever those chocolate bunnies and mini-eggs start popping up left and right. So far we’ve been good this season about not purchasing sugary goodies for ourselves, but on Sunday, there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll be out in the open during our family/friend get togethers.

We’re certainly no saints when it comes to avoiding overeating candy, but we have a couple of tips that we find helpful for ourselves, and hopefully our fellow readers who also struggle with self restraint 🙂


01. Get a head start
Breakfast, people! Hearty, filling and full of protein is the name of the game. Eat your favorite breakfast before heading out so when you’re scanning the snack table, you’re feeling full, and less grabby.


02. Fill up on the main meal
Eat up! If you’re feeling full from the actual meal, you likely won’t be oggling over the cake and candy the same way that you would if you were hungry. But don’t worry, we’re not total jerks – all of this doesn’t mean you can’t have anything


03. Don’t deprive yourself
I mean lets be real, if you really don’t allow your self anything, that’s just straight up depressing. At the end of the day, just have fun and let go! You (and everyone around you,) will be much happier if you enjoy your Easter treat for the day 🙂

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Happy Weekend!

happy weekend

Oh, weekend. You are looking so fine right about now. With it being a holiday and all, we’re hoping you guys will all be enjoying it as well! So go on out there and do some springy, fun, and relaxing activities – you deserve it!

rkv // Don’t these honey – peanut butter – coconut cookies (seen above) look scrumptious? I may swap out the pb with almond butter, but either way I’m dying to try ’em!

cct // This short documentary follows a young go-getter wedding photographer & a talented Instagramer, exploring the range of photography these days. It’s beautiful and fun!

rkv // 10 meals to make for less than $50 from The Every Girl – I’ll take it!

cct // I’m trying to channel my inner confidence even thinking about going to work completely make up free – let alone go without it everyday. Good for her to thinking it through and making up her own mind about wearing make up!

rkv // This herringbone diy wall art is so simple and cute!

cct // A great question recently got brought up – Can TV characters really afford their rents? This infographic breaks it down nicely, and boy are things off sometimes…

rkv // I found this little article about learning to unplug pretty refreshing, and something I think a lot of people need to embrace more often.

cct // Interesting take on interior design – “Why Psychoanalysts Care About Interior Design”

Casual vs Glam // Easter Sunday


The Easter holiday means a lot of different things to lots of different people. It can be going to church, having a big dinner, hanging out playing games – you name it. This is why we’ve put together 2 completely different outfits for 2 completely different scenarios. These pieces are not only springy, but also easy to mix with each other or with items you already own. Now you can look fresh for the holiday with items that will last!

Casual : White Blouse // Leopard Loafers (on sale!)  // Essie nail color in Romper Room // Boyfriend Jeans // Chandelier Earrings

Glam : Blouse // Crossbody // Slouchy Pants // Lace Wedges // Dainty Bracelet

Chic Easter Egg Decorating

Just saying “chic Easter egg decorating” sounds a little funny – Easter eggs tend to be boring pastels or over saturated kid colors, aka not that interesting. But these days, with DIYs all over the place, people have been sharing their amazingly unique and beautiful alternative Easter egg decorating – and we’ve put together some of our favs!

PS. Click here for a tutorial for prepping your eggs before decorating

// Natural & Whiteegg1

We love this simplistic spin on egg decor. All you need in a white-out pen and some patterns!


// Marbleized


Grab three nail polishes (probably ones you don’t use often!) that compliment each other well. In a tall tupperware container, fill up the bottom with water, just enough to cover the surface. Pour a couple drops of each nail color in the water, and gently swirl with a skewer to create marble pattern. Carefully place the egg into the water until covered, then quickly pull it out and set aside to dry. Repeat for each egg.


// Spray-Painted Pattern Play


Using painters tape, yarn, or doilies, cover each egg. Spray each with desired paint and allow to dry!


// Gold-leaf


Dye your eggs as your ordinarily would. Allow to fully dry, then cover with a thin coat of crafting glue like Elmer’s. While the glue is wet, cover each egg with a gold leaf metal sheet (available at most craft stores). Gently use your fingers to smooth out the surface. Allow the metal to peel exposing the cracks. And that’s it!


// Black & White


White eggs. Sharpie. Imagination. Done.


// Watercolor


Prep your eggs using 50/50 water:vinegar and wipe on each egg. While they dry, prep small cups with your favorite water colors (about 1/4 cup for each). Holding your egg over a bowl or container, use a spoon to pour your lightest color over the egg, rotating as you pour. Repeat on each egg. Allow each to fully dry, then repeat with the second darkest color. Continue until each color has been used. Allow to dry and admire your work!


// Opaque paint


Using pastel acrylic paint colors of your choice, use a small brush to make little painterly dashes on dyed or un-dyed eggs. Allow to dry and you’re all done!


Hope you guys are feeling inspired by some of our favorite eggs. Now go eat some candy, and hop to it! Pun intended.

{tutorial sources: Natural & White // Marbleized // Spray-paint // Gold Leaf // Black & White // Watercolor // Opaque Paint}