Peach Bellini


This upcoming weekend marks the unofficial transition to Fall (Labor Day), but let’s use it to stay summery instead – because Fall isn’t technically until September 22nd! We’re not quite ready to pack away the sandals and bathing suits just yet (especially because the weather in New England is crazy unpredictable). 

With an extra day off on Monday, grab some sparkling wine & peach purée (or in our case, the delicious Powell & Mahoney Beach Bellini mix) and stay summery for a couple more days 🙂


01. Pop bottle of sparkling wine! We loved our bottle of Schlumberger Grüner Vetliner Brut  from Niche Import Co.
02. Pour sparkling wine into glass
03. Top off with peach purée (we love the Powell & Mahoney Peach Bellini Mix!)
04. Garnish however you see fit! Raspberries or lemon and orange peels are great toppers.
05. Enjoy 🙂


Special thanks to Niche Import Co. for the delicious Schlumberger Grüner Vetliner Brut & to Treasures Old Lyme for the beautiful glasses. 

Old Fashioned Churned Peppermint Ice Cream


In early August, Curtis and I went up to my family house in NH for our family reunion. It’s always a lovely time, and one of my favorite parts is when my Great Uncle Ron makes his homemade Peppermint Stick Ice Cream. He makes it in his old fashioned ice cream maker and we all take turns churning (it’s really not as hard as it sounds, promise!). It’s super rich and comes out the most beautiful pink color!

Since this is the last weekend in August and you might be going away this weekend and/or next for Labor day, we figured we’d share this fun recipe! And I know the odds of you all having an old fashioned ice cream maker isn’t necessarily high, but if you do, or are interested in buying one, this recipe should be on your list!

It makes about 3 Quarts, and you are going to grind or crush:
1 1/2 lb peppermint stick candy (*optional – reserve some larger pieces of candy to add later for texture)

Soak candy for 4 hours in:
6 cups milk

Add to it:
6 cups cream

Mix together ingredients, and fill canister. Only fill three fourths full to allow for the expansion of the frozen cream.

To pack an old fashioned ice cream maker:
Allow from 3 to 6 measures of ice to 1 measure of coarse rock salt. The larger proportion of salt will bring quicker results, but the cream is finer grained when it is frozen slowly. Place canister containing ice cream mixture into bucket. Pack the bucket one third full of ice before adding any salt, then add the salt, and the remaining ice and salt in alternate layers around the container until the bucket is filled.

Turn the cream slowly at first until a slight pull is felt, then turn it rapidly. If the ice cream is to be used at once, turn it until it is very stiff. If the ice cream is to be left to chill, turn it only until it is the consistency of thick sauce. (If you do this with a group of people, it is fun to take turns!)

Pour off the salt water in the bucket. Wipe the canister lid carefully, remove it, remove the paddle, scrape it and pack the cream down with a spoon. Cover canister with plastic wrap and replace lid. Repack the bucket using 4 parts of ice to 1 part of salt. Cover with newspapers and a blanket to insulate and hold it in place.

Let it sit and rest until ready to use, but for no more than two hours.

Our favorite way to serve it is with chocolate chocolate cake 🙂

Sweet Beats // August 2014

aug_playlist copy{image via}

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been a bit of a stress-case these days. Maybe it’s my end-of-summer melancholia? Whatever the reason, soothing folk/indie kind of music just has a way of easing my nerves and bringing me back to reality. Few things make me happier than a long walk in late summer with warm sounds ringing in my ears.

Hope you all find this month’s playlist equally tension relieving.

01. northern sky // nick drake

02. gentle moon // sun kil moon

03. humiliation // the national

04. watching the wheels // john lennon

05. all the king’s horses // robert plant and the strange sensation

06. photograph // ringo starr

07. keep me in your heart // warren zevon

08. wide world // blessed feathers

09. loved/dark // alison may

10. the light (her hands her leaves) // alexi murdoch

11. that stable song // gregory alan isakov

12. one red thread // blind pilot

13. ghost // jeremy messersmith

14. blood // the middle east

1 Item, 3 Ways // The Oxford

As open-toed shoe season draws near to a close, we can begin to embrace in the beauty of a good oxford. This versatile little staple has stood the test of time, and has quite literally been around for centuries. Let’s get all 18th century chic, shall we?


With a dress or skirt… ring // necklace // dress // tote // oxfords


With a good pair of shorts… shorts // white tank // blazer // crossbody bag // readers // oxfords


With some jeans or slacks… boyfriend jeans // nude blowsy top // panama hat // long necklace // clutch // oxfords


We Heart Braids

We’re pretty much braid people year-round, but something about the end of summer/yearning for fall amplifies our love of braids. Reg knows her way around a crown braid, and one of these days we’ll do a tutorial, but today we’ll just admire other people’s hair genius.


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11