Floatin’ Around


This hot hot weather has got us dreaming of being near water, and what better way to cool down than in the pool with some amazing floaties! So these quirky floaties have been “floating around” the internet all summer (get it??), but incase you missed them, take a look…

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And if you already have something to float on but want some adorable pool float decor, check out these flamingo drink holders, drink preserver floating cup holders, and inflatable ice cream cones!

Flamingo Pool Float
Pretzel Pool Float 

Pizza Pool Float 
Doughnut Pool Float
Swan Pool Float
Watermelon Pool Float
Jousting Pool Float Game
Hotdog Joust Pool Float Game

PS — these may or may not all be from Urban Outfitters 🙂


Baileys Hot Chocolate

While it’s been a pretty mild winter (well, just when it comes to snow, really), that doesn’t mean we can’t still snuggle up with some hot cocoa in yoga pants under loads of blankies. And as we all know, we like to add a little bit of fun to our drinks for an even warmer evening sip. I mean come on, this sounds like a rockin’ Saturday night to us.


Hot Cocoa

Heat some milk over a stove top and whisk in a couple spoon-fulls of your favorite hot cocoa mix. Whisk well until the chunks have diminished and it’s all frothy and wonderful. Add in your Baileys Irish Coffee (or flavored nip) and stir again. Pour into your mugs, and top with some fluffy whipped cream. Garnish with any delicious add ons — cocoa powder, cinnamon, candy canes, orange zest — go nuts!

We actually made these guys while we were still in the full holiday spirit, so if it’s felling a little festive to you, that would be why!


Christmas Eve Cocktails

If you’re lucky enough to have the day off today, you’re probably scrambling around putting the finishing touches on everything before the big night. But why don’t you take a moment for yourself, grab a drink, put on some tunes and chill out with some festive bevy recipes.

Happy Holidays everyone, and have a wonderful Christmas eve & day! xo G&M


Clockwise: Caffé Di Alpi // Peppermint White Russian // Pear Ginger Bellini // Cran-Rosemary Sparkler

Thanksgiving Table Settings

While you’re probably not personally hosting Thanksgiving, I’m sure your mom, grandma, aunt, etc. would love your help in the decorating department. Here are some of our favorite looks for the Thanksgiving table…


01. Festive Centerpieces
Collecting things from around the house and backyard is a great way to tie things together on the table and make it a little more festive. Got some pheasant feathers lying around? I know, we all do. Not quite. But it’s possible that you have some old crafting feathers in a drawer that you never ended up using for anything. Find some old glass bottles and throw a little greenery in there for a seasonal pop of color.


02. Name Cards
Sometimes a simple ol’ pretty name card will do. Whether it’s handmade with calligraphy or drawn with your cousins – the craftiness will shine through in the best way. Use it as a Wednesday evening project to get the family together, and if you’re someone who has a ton of Thanksgiving guests, to reacquaint yourself with Thursday’s lineup.


03. Candles
Hit your local Goodwill or antique shop this week and gather interesting shaped candle sticks for a romantic and vintage look. If they’re not in good shape, don’t fret – grab some brass or gold spray paint from Home Depot and spruce them up! You can stick to all white candles or pick a color that fits your general theme.


04. Menus
To take the sophistication up a notch, menus do just the trick. Pick up some card stock and twine, and have some fun designing your own! Pinterest has all sorts of well-designed inspiration. Wrap them around some pretty linens and you’ll feel like one fancy feline.


05. If all else fails…just add some pretty things together!
Pumpkins, pine cones, flowers, leaves… whatever! Metallics paired with natural items are in right now, so that’s always a good start. Start mixing and matching, and soon enough you’ll have a perfectly eclectic centerpiece filled with conversation starters!

{images} 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5


Festive Fall Gathering


Although the temps are in the 30’s, we’re not giving up on Fall quite yet. So gather some friends and have one last festive fall gathering! *Hint, hint — Friendsgiving anyone?

The way to really make this work is to invite a couple friends and have them all bring 1 or 2 easy items like cheese, nuts, fruit, wine, etc., provide them with some cute dishes and you’re good to go! Last month Reg hosted a BYOC party — you guessed it, a “bring your own cheese party.” This was especially adorable due to the cheese labels (see here, here, and here), which help so that you don’t get confused about which kind you’re eating (it happens a lot!). Snack away while chatting, or even watching a show or movie.

holidayparty_2 HolidayParty_3

Our little gathering is brought to you by Trader Joe’s and the H&M home goods section… hah, jk — but really, we got most of the delicious treats and pretty glassware from our two favorite spots. We pooled together on some brie, a cheddar-parmesan blend (which, BTW, is heaven on the rosemary-raison crackers), cashews, sparkling cider, and some fresh fruit for a divine feast for fools.

HolidayParty_5 HolidayParty_6

This turned out to be a delightful way to spend a chilly November Sunday. It isn’t Thanksgiving just yet, so we’re holding out a little longer on cute fall aesthetics.

(Christmas is still pretty damn cute though…)