G&M in Boston // Jan 2016

While the flurries came down in New England this weekend, we enjoyed a girl’s weekend in Boston, filled with movies, vino, and of course… food! Because it’s never too cold to make gourmet donuts happen 🙂


First stop of the weekend: Union Square Donuts, aka heaven on earth.

Our faves? The Hazelnut Brown Butter Crunch, classic Vanilla Bean, Sea-Salt Bourbon Caramel, and the most surprising of all? A freaking Pizza Donut. We took a chance with that savory treat, and it totally blew our minds.


Quick photoshoot outside Bloc 11 after waiting 20 minutes for a forgotten egg sandwich! But the focaccia made it worth it!

{Clockwise from left: Brittany, Reg, Christa, Xiao}

We had planned on going to The Publick House on Saturday night, but due to the insane snow, we stayed in Coolidge Corner and ended up at Otto Pizza (we weren’t upset about it!)

Brittany got the Butternut Squash, Cranberry & Ricotta pie, and Reg and I split an Apple, Bacon & Red Onion and a Spinach, White Bean & Roasted Garlic. All winners!

No visit to Coolidge Corner is complete without a stop into Paper Source, where Christa picked up a lovely calendar & some Galentine’s Day cards 😉

Always fun for some much needed girl time, and we’ll be doing it again soon when the snow won’t hinder dinner plans!

{Photos 5, 7 & 9 provided by Brittany Gauthier}

St. Patty’s Day Recipes


Even if you aren’t Irish, this time of year is never short on some good eats! Usually geared toward lots of cheddar, beef, whiskey, and butter, Irish cuisine is pure comfort. With winter coming to a close, why not indulge a little for one last hoorah? Just don’t forget to wear your green while doing it 🙂

 01. Irish Mac & Cheese
02. Iced Irish Coffee with Coffee Ice Cubes
03. Irish Soda Bread
04. Scones with Pear, Irish Cheddar, & Honey

About Us


Hi friends! This might seem a little crazy, but we realized that we never really introduced ourselves! We started the blog on a random Sunday in November, and our about page hasn’t changed since that first write up…oops. We figured it was time to finally let you all know about who we are! The first step was getting a good picture of us together – we’ve been friends since 3rd grade, so I’m sure we have some good oldies, but with us being in different cities (Boston and Hartford, to be exact) we don’t have as many newer pictures of us together (without a cocktail in hand…). When we had our girls weekend a little while ago, we made a point to stop and grab a quick pic of us, and for once in our lives, we actually liked it! So – Reg is wearing the jean jacket, Christa is wearing the mauve army jacket, and together we’re Gardenias & Mint!

Our dealio:

Growing up in Canton, CT, we knew we’d be friends forever since the tender age of 8, when Regina approached Christa to let her know that her velvet shirt with a gigantic daisy on it was awesome. Thanks to the alphabetical order of our last names, we were locker buddies all throughout junior high and high school. About three years ago after college, Reg moved to Boston and Christa to Hartford. This past fall we decided that we wanted to collaborate on something fun and creative together, and we’re so happy we did!

Some fun things about us:

gm_song gm_freetimegm_guiltygm_memory

Do you guys have any questions for us? We’d love to hear them! Leave us a comment or visit our about page and drop us a line!

xoxo, G&M