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Happy hump day, friends!¬†We’re back ūüôā¬†We were just so beat from our weekends away that we didn’t get our sh*t together for Monday morning. Oops. On a high note, my trip to New Hampshire with¬†Brittany was fantastic. We used it as a way to step back, clear our heads and really get our creative juices flowing. We decided we wanted to take some creative photos, so we¬†packed¬†a million outfits and took a million photos. Some highlights of the trip included going¬†to the top of Pack Monadnock for a gorgeous views and lovely light & staying¬†up until 2am on Saturday night creating videos for Brittany’s dance instagram, haha.

Here are our favorite photos from the weekend…NewHampshire_1NewHampshire_5NewHampshire_13NewHampshire_22NewHampshire_3NewHampshire_10NewHampshire_18 NewHampshire_2 NewHampshire_6NewHampshire_15 NewHampshire_12NewHampshire_11 NewHampshire_8 NewHampshire_19NewHampshire_21 NewHampshire_17NewHampshire_14

Boston Weekend Hang


As we mentioned before, it was Reg’s birthday on Friday, and I went to visit her in Boston on Saturday! It was a shorter trip than usual, but it was fantastic¬†–¬†we laid out by the Charles River¬†and¬†explored new (to me) places to eat and drink.

Saturday // Lunch // Flour
This fast¬†paced bakery/sandwich shop was perfect for a quick stop before we went to lay out by the Charles River for the afternoon. Joanne Chang opened up this place in 2000, and with several locations around Boston, it’s quickly become one of Reg’s favorite stops. Some of our favorites are the bacon arugula and tomato sandwich, the Greek chopped salad, and the chicken and jicama sandwich. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, we recommend the¬†hazelnut-almond dacquoise,¬†the sticky buns, and some cornmeal-lime cookies.¬†

Saturday // Dinner // Row 34

Oh goodness. This place nailed it. Lobster rolls, muscles, bluefish, burgers, onion rings, fries, and wine. Owned by the same company as Island Creek Oyster Bar which we’ve featured before, we basically left rolling out the front door¬†(the extra side of fries and onion rings were pretty unnecessary), but we were very happy campers. I think we can all safely say we’d recommend all of the above items, but we also recommend making a reservation ¬†as far in advance as you can – this place is new and popular.

Saturday // Drinks¬†// Lucky’s

Since we had a late dinner Row 34,¬†and it’s not in the easiest of locations¬†to get to, Lucky’s was sort of picked out of convenience – but hit the spot! Quick line, no cover, cheap drinks, a descent crowd, and some excellent throwback songs. We met up with an old friend from our high school days and enjoyed a little 70s funk and 80s pop.

Sunday // Breakfast // Mei Mei

Since discovering this place only a month ago, Reg has gone back four times and introduced it to five new people – I think it’s safe to say she likes it there. The scallion pancake (or as we like to call ’em, scal-pals) sandwiches are a great alternative to your usual breakfast options. We HIGHLY recommend the Double Awesome – a poached egg with cheddar and fresh pesto, inside a folded scal-pal. Don’t forget to spread some of the soy aioli on it, and maybe (definitely) get it with bacon.

All in all we had a great time catching up with old and dear friends, while finding awesome new stops. If you’re in the Boston area, check ’em out!

About Us


Hi friends! This might seem a little crazy, but we realized that we never really introduced ourselves! We started the blog on a random Sunday in November, and our about page hasn’t changed since that first write up…oops. We figured it was time to finally let you all know about who we are! The first step was getting a good picture of us together – we’ve been friends since 3rd grade, so I’m sure we have some good oldies, but with us being in different cities (Boston and Hartford, to be exact) we don’t have as many newer pictures of us together (without a cocktail in hand…). When we had our girls weekend a little while ago, we made a point to stop and grab a quick pic of us, and for once in our lives, we actually liked it! So – Reg is wearing the jean jacket, Christa is wearing the mauve army jacket, and together we’re Gardenias & Mint!

Our dealio:

Growing up in¬†Canton, CT, we¬†knew we’d be friends forever since the tender age of 8, when Regina approached Christa to let her know that her velvet shirt with a gigantic daisy on it was awesome. Thanks to the alphabetical order of our last names, we were locker buddies all throughout junior high and high school. About three years ago after college, Reg moved to Boston and Christa to Hartford. This past fall we decided that we wanted¬†to collaborate on something fun and creative together, and we’re so happy we did!

Some fun things about us:

gm_song gm_freetimegm_guiltygm_memory

Do you guys have any questions for us? We’d love to hear them! Leave us a comment or visit our about page and drop us a line!

xoxo, G&M


Happy Weekend!


Sorry for the cheeseball pic, we’re just excited to be having a girls weekend together in Boston! Christa is heading up with our friend Brit after work for a grand ol’ time! Another cool thing about today is that it’s pi day! (get it, 3.14??) and we’re using it as an excuse to literally eat pie. Anyway, we hope you all have a fantastic weekend friends, and enjoy our Friday links!

rkv // Because I love Beyonce, and I love emojis, this Drunk in Love emoji video pleased me very much.

cct // What is your stance on the “Ban Bossy” Campaign? There are so many opinions and reasons for & against, you can read some here & here.

rkv // April 6th is coming at warp speed. Some of you know exactly what that means… GAME OF THRONES SEASON 4. In case you’re like me and pretty much forgot all of season 3 already, here’s the entire season in one 25 minute clip. (PS – so excited for the return of Jon Snuhh)

cct // Oh my god guys, this might be my dream dessert

rkv // I’m a big fan of tasty beers, so I’m really appreciating Treasures and Travels’¬†A¬†Month of…Beer. They’re using March to learn all about the art of brewing, and I loved this little infographic to help learn about the different types.

cct // Being a designer, typefaces and fonts are important. Learn (watch) a little more about one of the best type houses in the world!

rkv // Mmmm Greek yogurt coffee cake

cct // While our awesome friends Cheerleader are off playing at SXSW, we’re at home… jelly…reminiscing about our past Bonnaroo trips. And while SXSW isn’t quite as rustic and camp-y as Bonnaroo, here are some tips on having “the best music fest ever“.

PS – we made our Irish Soda bread a looong time ago, but if you’re looking for a delicious treat for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, make sure to check out ours!

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Weekend in Boston


Things have been running pretty smoothly with the blog even though we are in different cities, but it is always more fun when we can hang out and have the weekend to ourselves. This past weekend I drove to Boston to visit Reg, and we filled it with tons of projects and photo shoots we’ve been wanting to do together. We also made sure to squeeze in a little fun after all of our blog stuff, and had a total girls weekend. Reg showed me a few of her favorite places to go out, we FINALLY had that lobster roll we’ve been craving since August, and we drank a few delicious drinks along the way. All in all, it was pretty fantastic. This was our girls weekend line up…

Friday: Manicures, delicious homemade salad and then drinks at Hops N Scotch gm_HopsAndScotchHops N Scotch was the perfect low key place for us to grab a beer after our manicures since we both worked on Friday, so it was nice to chat and unwind a bit. We ended up talking the ear off this guy about Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones…oops!

Saturday: Projects, projects, projects and then drinks at Eastern Standard (Island Creek Oyster Bar had a 2 hr wait!) before dinner gm_EasternStandardA two hour wait for dinner was a bit shocking to me, but Reg reminded me where we were…downtown Boston at 7pm on a Sat night. It wasn’t a problem because Eastern Standard is right down the street (both restaurants are owned by the same company) and actually connected through hallways, so we didn’t have to go out in the nasty cold. They have an AMAZING drink list with all sorts of delicious concoctions and it was honestly hard to pick! I got their Old Fashioned (image above) and Reg got their Whiskey Smash (which she’s been raving about for awhile now, so it was nice to finally try!). We stayed the 2 hours, happily chatting away at the bar.

We finally made our way over to Island Creek Oyster Bar for our highly anticipated lobster roll around 9!¬† gm_ICOBWe definitely didn’t need an appetizer, but when you’ve been waiting for dinner for 2 hours, your eyes are totally bigger than your stomach. We got a white wine cream & garlic mussel dish that totally blew us away and filled us up before our dinner even arrived! We ate as much as we could, but we were no match for our delicious meal. We maxed out our bellies and took a cab home because we were too full to take the T…so I’d say it was pretty successful.

Sunday: Finally slept in a bit, did some baking (coming your way soon!), took the beauty photos from yesterdays post, went to Starbucks, and did some hard core lounging…

We hope you have a chance to check these fun places out, they made for a great weekend for us! We’ll be continuing to visit each other back and forth, so we’re going to gather more places to share! If you’re from the Boston or Hartford areas, what are your favorite places to eat and drink with friends?

Images Sources: Map, Hops N Scotch {Yelp, Biz Batch}, Eastern Standard {Drinks, Logo}, Island Creek {Logo, Food}.