Happy Weekend!

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Wow, did that week go by fast, or what? We’re not complainin. Now we’re one week closer to a G&M (+ friends) hang out in Boston next weekend! On a different note, Christa successfully made a cauliflower pizza crust on her 1st try – what, what! And Reg made it through her 2nd week of work at her new job! What a week it’s been 🙂 Have a great weekend, and if you’re off on Monday, enjoy that time as well! xo

cct // This video of Jessica Alba doing her hair stylists make up is adorable, and now I want everything from her beauty line!

rkv // And speaking of makeup, 20 makeup mistakes you may be making

cct // Golden Globes dresses and beautiful baked goods? Yes, please!

rkv // Likely one of the most simple cake recipes in existence, yet it sounds so amazing!

cct // …And again with the fashion, food mashup – Love Wine? These Hair Colors Are for You

rkv // 26 tiny things to do for yourself

cct // Guys, the video clips this week are off the charts! Have you watched the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Obama? Or the Conan tribute to Bowie? Or the Adele Carpool Karaoke?? Or Saoirse Ronan teaching Colbert how to pronounce Irish names??

rkv // I absolutely love myself a pretty pendant necklace. This DIY has my name all over it.


Golden Globes 2015

Award Shows are upon us, and celebrity fashion is in the public eye! We thoroughly enjoy these stunning ladies, showing off bold fashion decisions and beautiful looks. Check out some of our faves from last night!

*PSTina Fey and Amy Poehler kicked butt as usual, here is the one joke that’s all over the internet.

golden-globes-2015-slide-0W0M-superJumbo golden-globes-2015-slide-095I-superJumbo golden-globes-2015-slide-QEFU-superJumbo golden-globes-2015-slide-WV4L-superJumbo golden-globes-2015-slide-WYFI-superJumbo golden-globes-2015-slide-XJMQ-superJumbo golden-globes-2015-slide-XK1O-superJumbogolden-globes-2015-slide-NCUI-superJumbogolden-globes-2015-slide-UDBX-superJumbogolden-globes-2015-slide-Y35V-superJumbogolden-globes-2015-slide-6W8V-superJumbo

And we can’t forget about the gents…



All images from the New York Times