Designer Vaca Recap


GUYS! What an experience! I knew I was getting into something big by signing up for Designer Vaca, but with the normal fears and anxiety of traveling alone, having roommates I didn’t know, catching a 3 hour ride from LAX to Palm Springs with 3 other girls I didn’t know…I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect! But it ended up being a life changing event – meeting people I can’t wait to connect more with, listening to speakers who have broadened my horizons & branching out in a way I was always too nervous to do. These ladies are all badass, hard working creatives and spending some quality time lounging around at the pool making connections was exactly what we all needed.


My ride in with Ngaio, Emily & Pam was super fun. Ngaio texted us a picture of the unexpected rental car she got paired with – a bright yellow convertable Camero, aka Bumble Bee from Transformers, ha. We made our way to the gorgeous Ace Hotel with the occasional stop (the best being In-N-Out.)

Our first night was all about meeting roomies (mine were AMAZING by the way – Martha, Maggie & Sarah), and mingling with the 170 ladies in attendance! There was an awesome photo booth, continuous margaritas, a table of macarons, and an awesome DJ. Since I had been up since 3:45am Eastern time, I was exhausted but managed to stay out until 10ish.


The next morning we wandered over to the Ace Hotel’s amazing restaurant The King’s Highway Diner for a delicious breakfast before our 1st speaker. All of the speakers were kept secret until they walked up to talk, which was pretty exciting. Our enthusiastic and inspiring first speaker was Bob Goff. He was funny, excitable and ready to share with us as much as he could. He talked about turning ourselves into love, being a reflection or reaction to our environment, and filling our bucket with things we wanted to become. He seriously was a hoot, with his loud booming voice which was pretty much on the verge of laughing at all times! He was a great start to our day and our weekend.

After the talk, a bunch of us wandered over to the Moorten Botanical Garden to check out some amazing cacti. Southern California has some amazing vibes. These things were outrageous!

gm_DesignerVacaRecap_4 gm_DesignerVacaRecap_5 gm_DesignerVacaRecap_6

We then literally hung out by the pool for the rest of the day. We wandered around making new friends, adding people into our little group chats, drinks in hand.

Later in the evening we had an awesome taco buffet dinner while we listened to one of the most inspiring talks I’ve ever been to, Elle Luna. People were literally tearing up by the end (myself included). It was moving, powerful & emotional. She spoke about her quest for passion and fulfillment, her essay about the Crossroads of Should and Must (which I saw online when she released it last year, but I only browsed it, when I really should have been reading it!!) and her new book which speaks to all of this. It seriously was life changing. This girl is so inspirational and kind, please check her out! I bought her book the minute I got home!

And lastly, on the morning of the last day, we had a great mini chat with Jessica Hische + her little nugget Ramona (ah so amazing to meet her in person) and we broke up into smaller groups for “Chalkboard Chats”. The smaller chats were just what I needed. The 1st one I went to was called “Sanity”, and about 10 of us talked about our experiences with being overwhelmed and how each of us copes with that, sharing personal tips. It was great to listen to others about their experiences and how we all overcome them. It was both eye opening and reassuring. The last talk I was apart of was “Collaborating & Working with Others”, which also was a great topic and up my ally (I want to collaborate all the time!). More people joined this group and we had a lovely chat about reaching out to work with the people you want, how to effectively work with others & again, shared stories from people who had done it successfully. I also got to be in these chats with an illustrator I’ve been following for awhile, Kelsey Dake, which was inspiring and awesome – she’s great!

Overall it was a top notch time, and I was so great to connect and befriend some really fun and creative ladies. I wish I got to meet more people, but it was great overlapping with people in smaller moments day to day (drinks at the pool, chalkboard talks, bumping into each other in the bathroom ha). I got to finally meet my newest favorite stationer from Odd Daughter Paper, Katie Hart – what a gem (and one of the many honorary roomies)! And I also met some amazing Toronto gals from my roomie Martha – Rachelle & Marta. *Funny story, when Rachelle walked in, I saw that she had a fun pin on that I’d been eying on etsy, so I told her – turns out, she makes it!! I was SO excited when she gave me my own at the end of the trip 🙂 Rachelle’s roommates ended up being some other amazing ladies we hung out with a ton, Linda, Erica & Stephanie.

Cheers to an amazing time and to planning next year’s trip! xo *And if you’re interested in hearing a couple other people’s recaps, you can check out these 2 – 6 Things I learned about myself at Designer Vaca and Julia Walck’s Designer Vaca recap.

Happy Weekend!

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Today’s Happy Weekend image is probably the most fun one we’ve posted – and while it might seem a little odd since the 1st day of spring is today – it’s also the first time Reg and I have hit the slopes together in YEARS. Like the last time we skied & snowboarded together might have been junior high! So when I saw this awesome image, I realized it was perfect for today. Anyway – enjoy this crazy spring snow shower if you’re in the North East, and keep an eye out for some ski bunny instagrams 😉


Sweet Notes

Valentine’s Day can be the cause for an array of emotions, but if you’re sipping on that hater-ade, you have to admit, this holiday sure knows how to make a cute card. It’s pun-city up in here, and we’re soaking up every bit of it. It’s also becoming more and more apparent through the cards that we’ve seen, that these designers are total fat kids at heart, which we are so on board with. I mean… bagels, hotdogs, and butter? Don’t mind if I do.

569806letterpress-mi-amor-greeting-card-01_1il_fullxfull.551470993_7yc44661007813il_fullxfull.668554754_el7aScreen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.48.10 PMil_570xN.661708712_abqmil_570xN.571194272_7neo Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 4 Picture 3AC002-YourLoveisMyDrug


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 (*Lady Fingers has some super cuties!) // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13

2015 Calendar Love

If there’s one thing to help us keep that New Year’s resolution of being more organized, it’s a fresh new calendar. People have really been stepping up their design game for them these last few years, and we’re finding it tough to pick just one!

2015-appointment-wall-calendar-11 il_fullxfull.653635497_529sil_fullxfull.684832672_ctnpil_fullxfull.622751163_8ne2il_fullxfull.646246893_hv3m32652018_095_m3il_570xN.670900447_jxtbil_570xN.650937659_s8cjil_570xN.652286551_cexoil_570xN.684452892_bulwIMG_5372_1024x1024


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11


Fill-in-the-Blank Invites


I created this fill-in-the-blank invitation for work {Hartford Prints!} and Reg and I discovered our love for fill-in invites! They’re fun, nostalgic (4th grade birthday parties, anyone?), and most importantly – easy! You can use them for engagement parties, baby showers, “we’ve moved” announcements, or as plan old, “we’re havin a party, come on over!” invites.

We were able to find some other cute fill-in options – check them out:

il_fullxfull.494596845_fif2 Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 11.24.14 PMil_fullxfull.660680892_hdjjil_fullxfull.578111168_dkf9il_fullxfull.341547589
 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

And here are some cute fill in cards that don’t requite a party:

blank-love-1il_fullxfull.339114484fitb_011 // 2 // 3 

Iphone Cases


While we anxiously await the new iphone, there are still a few of us who can’t afford to immediately jump on the preorder wagon. In the mean time, we’ll be doing just fine with our 5’s & 5C’s, fancied up with some fun cases like these…

wooden star chart // classic leopard // sleek marble skin // lace white overlay // pansies print // graphic triangles

Hartford Prints!

Happy Monday friends! So, I’ve been hinting that I had gotten a new job a little while ago, and I’m so happy to announce that I’m the new designer for Hartford Prints! Reg & I had actually wanted to do a feature on them for awhile now (because they’re fantastic and rep Hartford in the best ways possible), but I’m even more excited to do it now because I have the inside scoop. They are a family run letterpress & design studio (besides us newbies – you can read about their super inspiring start here) who strive for unique ideas, creative excellence, and a fun atmosphere. And today I’m here to show you some of their fantastic work!


All of these lovely items are found in their Etsy shop here, or in their downtown Hartford shop on 42 1/2 Pratt Street (definitely stop by, it’s adorable!). My new position will be helping with their ever expanding custom letterpressed wedding invitations/suites, logos, collaborative creative projects and hopefully some new cards (they’re just too cute). It’s been a wonderful 2 weeks with these gals so far, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Make sure you guys keep an eye on what we’ll be up to 🙂

– – – – –


Happy Weekend!


Sorry for the cheeseball pic, we’re just excited to be having a girls weekend together in Boston! Christa is heading up with our friend Brit after work for a grand ol’ time! Another cool thing about today is that it’s pi day! (get it, 3.14??) and we’re using it as an excuse to literally eat pie. Anyway, we hope you all have a fantastic weekend friends, and enjoy our Friday links!

rkv // Because I love Beyonce, and I love emojis, this Drunk in Love emoji video pleased me very much.

cct // What is your stance on the “Ban Bossy” Campaign? There are so many opinions and reasons for & against, you can read some here & here.

rkv // April 6th is coming at warp speed. Some of you know exactly what that means… GAME OF THRONES SEASON 4. In case you’re like me and pretty much forgot all of season 3 already, here’s the entire season in one 25 minute clip. (PS – so excited for the return of Jon Snuhh)

cct // Oh my god guys, this might be my dream dessert

rkv // I’m a big fan of tasty beers, so I’m really appreciating Treasures and Travels’ A Month of…Beer. They’re using March to learn all about the art of brewing, and I loved this little infographic to help learn about the different types.

cct // Being a designer, typefaces and fonts are important. Learn (watch) a little more about one of the best type houses in the world!

rkv // Mmmm Greek yogurt coffee cake

cct // While our awesome friends Cheerleader are off playing at SXSW, we’re at home… jelly…reminiscing about our past Bonnaroo trips. And while SXSW isn’t quite as rustic and camp-y as Bonnaroo, here are some tips on having “the best music fest ever“.

PS – we made our Irish Soda bread a looong time ago, but if you’re looking for a delicious treat for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, make sure to check out ours!

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Valentine’s Day Cards // Digital Download


Happy Monday everyone! We hope you had a great weekend and are getting prepped for Valentine’s Day on Friday! We’ll be giving you all sorts of posts themed for Vday, so stay tuned. Today we have some downloadable cards for you! As we mentioned before, we’re big diy-ers when it comes to cards (whether they’re crafty or computery). We stuck with the mod look, simple and chic, and hope you and your card receivers enjoy them as much as we do! They’re about post card size, so send em out, use them as gift toppers or present them like normal cards- so many possibilities!

To download these cards, click here!

* Be aware that some home printers might not print out quite as bright, so play around with paper type and ink. And if it’s not coming out quite as nice as you’ve hoped and you’re looking for something more saturated, I had mine printed at Staples on white card stock for a very low cost!

– – – – –


Design Feature: Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. has been one of our favorites for years! We first read about her little company in a small Country Living blurb, and became immediately obsessed with her cheerful illustrations, and hand done typography which covers cards, calendars, recipe boxes and wedding invitations. We’ve given them as gifts, gotten them for ourselves, and been happy to present fantastic cards to family and friends. We figured with the holidays coming up, we’d love to share with you the amazing holiday collection she has out now. You might have noticed a sneak peek of her Winter Foliage Set in our Mother Gift Guide, but that was just one design out of so many more – take a look!gm_RPC_Set2gm_RPC_set3gm_RPC_set1gm_RPC_Set5gm_RPC_Set4
Post cards, regular cards, ornament cards, and foil cards! So many options!

And since it was Christa’s birthday this past Saturday, we decided to check out some birthday cards and items that you could give as gifts, whether it be the holidays, birthday or just because!gm_RPC_Birthday



Girlie Girl – Travel America Calendar // Notebook Set // Hello Gorgeous Card // Wooden Recipe Box // Floral Notepad

Modern Girl – iPhone Case // Telephone Notepad // Recipe Card // Polka Dot Tin // Herbs & Spice Calendar

All images found on Rifle Paper Co.’s website along with prices. Also make sure to check out her great interview with The Everygirl!