Happy Weekend!

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Wowie, Friday already! The countdown to halloween costumes has begun…what are you being?? Christa is twinning with a friend for a very fun, homemade costume, and Reg sadly has made very little progress on that front (but luckily her wardrobe allows her to be an impromptu gypsy at any moment). What’re you guys gonna be?? Have you checked out Studio DIY for ideas?? They’re all AMAZING.

Have a great weekend!

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VERY Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Oh no wayyy, we all slacked on Halloween again. Don’t worry — WE GOT YOU.

01. Holly Golightly


You need: black dress, stunner shades, and the tiara that you obviously have lying around (or any sparkly barrette). Feline friend optional.

02. Annie Hall


You need: white button down, vest, khakis, felt hat, and necktie. Bonus points: loafers, oversized glasses, and neurotic boyfriend.

03. Rosie the Riveter


You need: collared shirt, red bandana, liquid liner, and a ticket to the gun show.

04. Wednesday Addams


You need: black crew-neck shirt or dress, white collared shirt, two side braids, and a general morose demeanor.

05. Flapper 


You need: LBD  (you know you’ve been waiting for a chance to wear that trendy F21 drop waist you got on a whim), heels, those long pearls you got in high school & that cigarette you told yourself you wouldn’t smoke tonight

You know you’re creative enough to make one of these happen – Happy Halloween!

Image sources: Holly Golightly // Annie Hall // Rosie the Riveter // Wednesday Addams // Flapper