Happy Weekend!

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‘Sup, ladies? Anybody else excited for the chilly autumn weekend ahead of us? The beginning of new seasons always makes us giddy. What’re your plans? If Saturday’s weather permits, Reg will hopefully be doing some apple picking and donut eating, and then likely curling up to finish Insurgent, the second installment of the Divergent trilogy (she’s discovered she has a thing for young-adult sci-fi love stories, very sophisticated stuff). Christa is going to a beer & chili event on Saturday (YUM) during the day and is then helping Hartford Prints! celebrate they’re 1st year at their downtown location! If you’re in the area, make sure to stop by!

cct // With inspiration coming from every direction, it can be hard to style your home – so make sure to set yourself some realist expectations!

rkv // This app will help you to determine whether or not you’re addicted to your phone

cct // I am on a total kale binge right now – these all sound soooo good! A warm kale salad, a kale salad with brie, & a kale salad with brussels sprouts, my other favorite veggie

rkv // If you’re in the mood for something heartbeakingly beautiful

cct // I’m going with a big group to the USA Men’s soccer game vs. Ecuador tonight and it’s Landon Donovan’s last game, and I have a feeling it’s going to be a crazy one! Speaking of soccer – this article is scaring me a bit!

rkv // Some helpful money lessons for your 20s

cct // 10 Quotes from “How to be Parisian”

rkv // Loving this donut pumpkin DIY


Pizza Club // Backstage Pizza


You may have noticed that pizza is taken very seriously on G&M…because it’s one of our favorite items of food ever, haha. And I am lucky enough to have found that my coworkers are as into pizza as I am. I’m not sure how the idea sparked, or how it actually managed to come to fruition, but the gals of Hartford Prints! have created a delicious Pizza Club.

We are fortunate to get out early on the 2nd Friday of the month, so we thought it would be a perfect time to grab some za. We picked our spot, grabbed a beer and had a wonderful afternoon. The main gist of Pizza Club is to find all of the delicious pizza places in our area (and eat at all of them), and the only “rule” per say, is that the location has to have a gluten free pizza option for our coworker Kait.

We started off with Backstage Pizza in West Hartford Center.


I was the only person who had been in our group, but it had been awhile ago, so we decided to give it a shot. And it didn’t disappoint!


I ordered the BBQ chicken, Lauren ordered a white pizza with chicken, Nina ordered the Classic – which consisted of sausage, peppers and onions, and Kait got a gluten free margarita. We were very happy to see that their small was pretty much the perfect personal sized pizza (we were starving, so we finished them pretty quick haha).


We got a beer, chatted away and scarfed our pizza, overall it was a wonderful 1st Pizza Club meeting! The weather was amazing, we ate on the patio and there was some casual light music to set the mood. We all enjoyed our pizzas, and Kait was pleasantly surprised by the gluten free option (with gluten free beer as well!). Kait’s gluten free pizza below:


We’re giving Backstage pizza 3.5 stars!

We’re not quite sure where our next Pizza Club will bring us, but we’re already getting excited already. Do you guys have a favorite pizza place in the Hartford area? We’d love to hear about it!

Happy Weekend!


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Hey all! Hope you’re all having lovely Fridays so far! Are your summer plans filling up as quickly as ours are? We got a lot coming up in the near future, so we’re taking this weekend to take it easy and enjoy this blissful weather. Hopefully you all get to do the same!

xo, G&M

cct // Saw this and had to laugh!

rkv // Ugh, as wonderful as summer is, it also comes with the great invasion of the fruit flies.  Because I refuse to let these little buggers impede my banana consumption, I will be trying this reusable trap this weekend!

cct // Proud of Hartford for their World Cup support!

rkv // This looks equally adorable, healthy, and tasty

cct // Pretty cool collab we did at work (Hartford Prints!) with Vineyard Vines

rkv // Tips for my fellow friends with a shopping addiction

cct // I saw Tegan & Sara on Sunday night with friends from college and it brought us BACK. Here is one of my favorite old albums!

rkv // I really respect this person’s commitment to packing a perfect sandwich

Happy Weekend!

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Tomorrow is the OFFICIAL first day of summer friends, how exciting is that! We’ve been experiencing the heat already, but it will feel good to bump it up into summer full time (aka more beach and BBQs). This weekend’s weather looks promising, so before you head out to enjoy it, make sure to check out our Friday links!
xo G&M

cct // Speaking of summer, I guess that means it’s officially bikini season, ugh. I definitely need to fit in some cardio, but I can get down with these exercises for now.

rkv // Eek! I have 23 days until my first 10k ever, and I’m freakin’ a bit. I’m a bit behind on my training, but found these race do’s and don’ts refreshing!

cct // My boss made these amazing sounding cupcakes and I need to try them asap!

rkv // Lately I’ve been loving myself some green goddess dressing— it adds just the right amount of flavor to a dish, while being low in fat (the bad kind, that is). This recipe looks super scrumptious!

cct // We had a photo shoot yesterday (for the new Hartford Prints! website) with Victoria Gloria Photography, and here is a sneak peek – such gorgeous shots! (don’t mind my odd hip pop in the first pic, I don’t think I’m usually that wide??)

rkv // I’m feeling on this technique for beach-wave hair – I think the backcombing is key!

cct // These movies are 10 years old?! Woah…

rkv // I saw this and thought it looked like Christa’s dream snack (*um YES!)

 Have a lovely weekend!

Hartford Prints!

Happy Monday friends! So, I’ve been hinting that I had gotten a new job a little while ago, and I’m so happy to announce that I’m the new designer for Hartford Prints! Reg & I had actually wanted to do a feature on them for awhile now (because they’re fantastic and rep Hartford in the best ways possible), but I’m even more excited to do it now because I have the inside scoop. They are a family run letterpress & design studio (besides us newbies – you can read about their super inspiring start here) who strive for unique ideas, creative excellence, and a fun atmosphere. And today I’m here to show you some of their fantastic work!


All of these lovely items are found in their Etsy shop here, or in their downtown Hartford shop on 42 1/2 Pratt Street (definitely stop by, it’s adorable!). My new position will be helping with their ever expanding custom letterpressed wedding invitations/suites, logos, collaborative creative projects and hopefully some new cards (they’re just too cute). It’s been a wonderful 2 weeks with these gals so far, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Make sure you guys keep an eye on what we’ll be up to 🙂

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Happy Weekend


Guys, it’s Reg’s BIRTHDAY! Yayyy, can’t wait to hang this weekend! She’s takin’ the day off & sleepin’ in, so it’s just me today. So, as happy as I am that it’s Friday, I had a fantastic first week as Designer at Hartford Prints! (more on that later)! I hope you all had a great week & an even better few days off – it’s supposed to be nice out, so don’t just veg in front of OITNB all weekend (aka, I’m just jelly I can’t be doing that). Check out our links and enjoy the 1st real weekend of June! xo G&M

rkv // In honor of season to of Orange is the New Black

cct // Are you an introvert or extrovert? I answered them about half and half – meaning I’m an ambivert, cool!

rkv // As a kid my go-to popsicle of choice was always the strawberry shortcake ones. As an adult (is that what I am now?) I can make my own!

cct // Is it bad that most of these have crossed my mind at one point or another?

rkv // New month, new seasonal produce!

cct // Airbnb’n across California, yes pleaseee

rkv // Strong women giving advice to their 22 year old selves

cct // This short video will make your day!