Happy Weekend!


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Hello loves — hope you all had stress-free weeks and have exciting weekend plans ahead of you, even if that excitement is in couch form. What are you all up to? Christa and I are both moving out of our current apartments in the near future, so we’ll likely each be doing lots and cleaning and packing, which can be refreshing, especially in early spring — cheers to fresh starts!

cct // Beautiful flower wall hangings that play on animal head trophies

rkv // Eating seasonally is one of my favorite ways to feel strong and healthy, so I was amped to see these detox recipes for spring

cct // Are you or someone you know colorblind? As someone who relies on color every day, this Valspar project is so touching! (hint – just go to the last page and watch the video!)

rkv // A chart for removing any stain, ever

cct // Curtis & I are moving May 1st (yay!) and Cupcake & Cashmere’s 10 House Rules are pretty great!

rkv // We bloggers sure do love us some Trader Joe’s

cct // I love finding new books to read! These all sound promising! Do you have any to recommend?

rkv // Just your average breakfast cereal fan-art

Happy Friday!


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Don’t those fresh flowers look amazing? This image seriously makes us giddy for spring, and are so happy that it’s right around the corner. After looking at this, we’re contemplating popping into a flower shop just to get a good whiff. Perhaps this weekend we can make a mini resolution to ourselves do something fresh? Go for a long walk to breathe in the clean air, eat something bright and from the earth, try some hot yoga to feel revived, start a new book — anything! Hope you all have a lovely couple of days, see you on Monday!

cct // Have you heard the catchy new Marina and The Diamonds tune?

rkv // So last night I heard this sad yet inspiring tale of the Duchsund who lost 40 lbs. You go, pup, you go!

cct //  9 Reasons To Bring Back Cocktail Parties – Yes please!! (insert cocktail emoji here)

rkv // Since you’ll be throwing a party, you’ll need recipes! 15 tropical cocktails that will make you forget those end-of-winter blues

cct // Do you have siblings? Check out this article on birth order and health, happiness & success – do you find any truth to it? I’m definitely a first born daughter, ha.

rkv // Ya know? A night of some DIY spa treatments sounds pretty good right about now, and this homemade skin-clearing face mist works right into that!

cct // We don’t have a dishwasher and it’s been a real struggle…but I’m hoping these benefits will outweigh the long hours scrubbing??

rkv // Just because it’s trendy now, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a past — the history of ombré

Oscars 2015

Did you guys get a chance to watch the Oscars last night? I always have a soccer game right in the middle which bums me out, but this year I was able to catch a large chunk. While it wasn’t the most entertaining Oscars of all time (a tad boring if you ask me), it was full of love and social awareness. Lady Gaga was absolutely amazing singing songs from the Sound of music, Birdman & The Grand Budapest Hotel each took home a couple statues, and I was very happy with the overall winners! Did you guys think anyone got snubbed?

*If you missed out and are catching up online – here is a fun recap of the best moments!

And while the awards show is the main focus, how can we not talk about the fashion?! It was as beautiful as ever – check out some of our favorites…

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And these couples were killing it!


* And make sure to check out some of the after party looks!*
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Happy {3-day} Weekend!

happyweekendHello lovies! Since today is our Friday and hopefully we’ll all be off enjoying the 3 day weekend, we thought today would truly act as our Friday – including Friday links! Enjoy, and have a wonderful holiday!

cct // Zara sales are amazing, I wish I had one closer to me – bc I am obsessed with this dress!

rkv // In a couple of weeks we’ll be heading to Christa’s family house in New Hampshire where they have tons of wild blueberry bushes. We’ll have to make these lavender blueberry muffins!

cct // My aunt showed me how to make the “skinny cuff” on my boyfriend jeans and I can’t get enough of it! I’m telling everyone – you probably already know – but if not, take notes! Scroll down to the “tilt & fold” and be amazed!

rkv // I have a couple of furniture pieces in my home in desperate need of a makeover, I love this clean black look!

cct // All of my favorite summer treats illustrated in one place – yes please!

rkv // 5 ways to prepare for an interview

cct // I’ve been wanting to make my own dry shampoo for awhile, and this recipe looks great! Loving the color variation – this dark haired girl needs something less chalky.

rkv // Christa and I are big thrifting fans — so I of course was happy when I saw these 10 common thrift store finds for diy projects