Thanksgiving Cocktails

Happy {almost} Thanksgiving, loves! Since we’re both *not quite* adult enough to truly host a big Thanksgiving meal (apartment vs. house being the biggest factor), we aren’t usually asked to bring much – but we can make a mean cocktail, so that will be our contribution! Warm and fuzzy is our goal for a Thanksgiving cocktail, and these 4 drinks will do just that! Cheers to a wonderful visit with friends and family during the start to the holiday season. xo


Clockwise from left:
Hot Rum Horchata
Salted Caramel White Russians
Hot chocolate with Cinnamon and Orange Liqueur
Chai Tea Cocktail

Happy Weekend!

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{peppermint-pretzel brownies via}

Before we jump into all gift-guides-all-the-time, enjoy one of the last December Friday’s before full holiday panic ensues. That being said, go out and find the perfect holiday party dress, and decorate your halls (tiny apartment…) — become one with the holiday spirit, because it’s not going away! But most importantly, have a wonderful weekend friends 🙂 xo G&M

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Advent Calendar Options

It’s December people! Ah – when did that happen? Thanksgiving is over and done with (we hope yours was amazing!), and the Christmas decorating season is upon us. Have you hung your lights and wreaths? We talked about advent calendars last year and although advent calendars tend to be a family thing, I’m still pretty excited, as a girl in her mid twenties! I’m so busy that I’m tempted to get this delicious reusable option, but I’m hoping to get my DIY on this week. With beautiful inspiration like this, how could I not at least try!

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