Happy Weekend!

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We’re supposed to get major snow on Monday, but we’re in denial. Instead, take a look at these gorgeous green hills and think spring! Also make sure to check out our Friday links…

cct // I swear the sunsets have been extra great these days (they’re very cotton candy-ish), they remind me of this photography series

rkv // Christa recently bought me a new canvas tote by the artist KT Smail, and now we’re pretty much obsessed with her. So imagine my excitement when I saw some new desktop backgrounds that she made featured on DesignLoveFest!

cct // The Oscars are on Sunday, and these days the outfits are almost as important as the movies! Check out Marie Claire’s list of best Oscar dresses of all time.

rkv // Speaking of the Oscars…This weekend we’re hosting a small get together for the big event, so I may need to snag an idea or two from Cupcakes and Cashmere for party prepping

cct // This DIY has been circulating the web, and you can see why- it’s great! New project for this weekend perhaps?

rkv // I’ve been a bit behind on that New Years rezzie I made to myself about getting back into a gym routine, but I’ve finally got a little momentum going again so I appreciated these quick and effective moves by the Huffington Post

cct // Guys, I learned how to screenprint! This was my first piece, and I can’t wait for more projects 🙂 If anyone has any tips or tricks, I would love to hear them!

rkv // Love this simple idea for displaying old family recipes

Enjoy your weekend, all!

xo, G&M

DIY Floral Wall Art

wall art final 1

When it comes to DIYs, I like for things to be low cost, and with as few materials as possible. I have roommates, so we go through paper towels and toilette paper like whoa, making it easy to collect a lot of them in no time. This is a perfect project for filling a small space on a wall or adding to a shadow box.


– several used paper towel or toilette paper rolls

– your choice of crafting glue, I used Elmer’s

– scissors

– thumb tacks

To make:

01. Placing the paper roll length wise on a flat surface, press firmly so it flattens out.

02. Cut into even strips to create the 3-D petals. The toilette paper rolls should create about 6 petals, while paper towel rolls create about 12.

03. Start arranging! Glue the sides of the petals together to create a flower shape. You can also create an ivy shape by working length wise rather than in a circularly.

04. Play around with the size of the flowers and their arrangement. Allow to fully dry and place the thumb tacks through the center of the flowers to attach to the wall.

All done! Now sit back and admire your [not so hard] work!



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