November Moodboard


What a perfect fall day – crisp and sunny! We’re feeling inspired by the calm neutrals of fall, which are very much appreciated on such a nerve wrecking week! Hopefully everyone had a great weekend and is ready to vote tomorrow! I’ll be voting after work and then joining my mom and grandparents for pizza to make us all feel better 🙂 and then will be heading to Real Art Ways in Hartford for an election night event, where they open up their theater to live coverage – with much needed wine!

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September Moodboard


I think the Fall weather is finally on it’s way! It’s been nice to finish out the summer with some warm weather, but this humidity has We’re lookin’ to bake, snuggle, and wear pants comfortably again! #welovejeans. Here’s to a beautiful, crisp {but not too cold}, inspiring & delicious Fall everyone!

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June Moodboard


How is it already the middle of June?! These months fly by! June is making it’s mark on us thought – gorgeous blue skies and clear, chilly nights. We’re ready for beach weather now, but thanks for easing us into it, June 😉

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May Moodboard


Pink, pink, pink! May is finally shaping up to be a beaut – and bright blue skies with pops of pink are where our heads are at right now. Things are much different from April, and we’re lovin in.

We’re off to Brimfield this weekend and are on the look out for bright and colorful vintage pieces to start summer off with a bang! Here’s to joyful & dreamy inspiration!

Keep it up, May, keep it up.

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Happy Weekend!

happyweekend{image via}

Hey dolls — whatchya all up to this weekend? My house is gonna be a little on the quiet side this weekend, with one of my roommates out of town. I also have my first big hair chop in years coming up tomorrow. I’m freakin’ out a little, but looking forward to a fresh change. I’m also hoping to get in a thorough apartment clean AND a d.i.y. — this is probably all far too ambitious for two days, but we’ll see how it goes! Christa will be bouncing all around as well, with a friend’s birthday bonfire celebration, checking out Hartford’s Open Studios, and a swanky new cocktail bar that opened up, Little River Restoratives.

Hope you all have a nice weekend, see you on Monday!

rkv // What happened to hobbies???

cct // An Artist Magically Transformed 19 Disney Animals Into Humans – and they’re good too! 

rkv // The best foods to donate during the holiday season

cct // The One Thing Pedicurists Want You to Know

rkv // Christa and I are pretty much in LOVE with ABC’s Nashville — when I read the reason that Clare Bowen chopped off her long locks, I couldn’t help but feel moved (cct — same!)

cct// Doesn’t this Rosemary Citrus Ginger Cranberry Sauce sound so interesting??

rkv // Nordstrom is having a big fat fall sale

cct // Did you guys read #GirlBoss? It’s next on my list! But I might start with #Girlboss Radio, which is live!

Happy Weekend


{ Image via The Vanilla Bean Blog }

Ello! How’s everyone’s week been? Mine somehow became much busier than anticipated,   but that’s not always such a terrible thing, because it flew by. I get to head home to Connecticut tonight so I can spend the weekend with the family for Mother’s Day. Our family tradition for this holiday is to do weeding in the yard for Mom (leave to to my mother to put us through manual labor!), and eat a lot. We’ll be going to our old-time family favorite Italian restaurant for lunch with my Dad, Sister and Brother-in-law on Sunday, so it should be a well-rounded time.

Hope you all have the chance to get out there are appreciate any mother in your lives – have a great weekend everyone!

PS. Christa will finally be back on Monday – yayy!

cct // Some uplifting inspirational quotes that look mighty fine as well

rkv // I’m gonna be so happy I found this once those 100 degree humid nights come to Boston

cct // Since I’ve got the most finicky feet of all time, I’m kind of excited for this collab – those chambray clogs are callin my name!

rkv // Game of Thrones theme song… as played on household items. 

cct // Rock the perfectly dirty hair” gf!

rkv // 14 florists to follow on Instagram

cct // I can’t get enough of tassels right now, and this DIY is fulfilling all of that for me!

rkv // 100+ tips for frugal living

Happy Weekend


Ah at last, Friday is upon us. Not sure about you guys, but we’ve been having some serious motivational issues up in here. It’s still cold and grey outside, and we’re getting sick of wearing the same waterproof shoes every day. It’s times like these when we need to kick our tushes into gear, and do something for ourselves. Something inspiring, awakening… anything! Just as long as it’s something for yourself that makes you feel like you’re in a good place. Take this weekend as an opportunity for a little self growth, relaxation, and reflection. Happy weekend, friends!

rkv // This elevated egg mcmuffin by Cupcakes and Cashmere looks to die for

cct // Speaking of motivation, Emma from A Beautiful Mess talking about life long dreams was truly inspiring and will hopefully brighten any gloomy feelings!

rkv // Some homemade steam facials for a little r&r

cct // This has got to be the best tumblr out there (almost an oxymoron, I know). She has compiled the most beautiful images with a soothing playlist to boot!

rkv // In case you live under a rock like me, and still have yet to see Jimmy Fallon’s ragtime Remix to Ignition

cct // If you’re as into Whiskey as I (we?) am/are, I hope you live close enough to one of these places! *Reg, we’re going to Saloon soon!

rkv // Have you ever seen a sweater at the thrift store with a sick pattern, but looks like it should fit an elf? Well, apparently you can make a laptop or kindle case out of it.

cct // I don’t think I can pick just one of these soaps, they all seem amazing! But this one in particular caught my eye, I could really go for some detoxifying.

{image via}

Brother Gift Guide

And the gift guides continue! My brother is a 20-something who still has a dorm room and is all about showing his personality through his clothes and personal space. This is why I am leaning more towards “non necessities” this holiday. As you can see there are no cooking supplies or socks (leave that to the parents).gm_BrotherGiftGuide

Vintage Letters // These typographical signs are everywhere these days (I have a few floating around my apartment)! Big and bold, this piece will add character to any drab dorm room. *And it just so happens that my brother’s name starts with an N!

Plaid Baseball Hat // Hopefully you caught our post this week about plaid, but in case you missed it, the main gist was that it’s super popular right now. This hat will go over well with this college guy, and the girls will like it too.

Nixon Watch // Watches are making a comeback and I’m very excited about it. A guy with a watch means he’s responsible and doesn’t only rely on his phone (a rare find these days). So get him a watch he’d be proud to wear everyday.

NYT 36 Hours Travel Book // These books come in many versions – Northeast, West Coast, Midwest, US & Canada, etc. And as mentioned in this previous post, my brother will be in Italy this upcoming semester, so this would be a no brainer! Send your brother on adventures with these amazing guides to explore the world. {image via}

Camo Dopp Kit // Dopp kits are becoming more and more popular for the guys. Us women have been carrying our goods along in pretty bags for centuries, it’s about time they caught on. And being a New England girl I had to throw in a little camo (you can thank JCrew for bring it back).

Ace Patch // A flashy patch to add to the army jacket or backpack. Note: When your dad sees, he will make a comment about all of the patches he had “back in the day” when he was in college.

Graphic Tee // If he’s gonna wear a beer tee (which in college, is probably a yes), at least get him a cool looking one. We know PBR tees are ironic, but this will make you look cultured…

Vintage Target Poster // As mentioned before, dorms need a little sprucing up. Sure you could run down to the student union and grab a Fight Club poster, but you sure won’t stand out. Add some uniqueness to your walls, and the target is at least a little bad ass.

**And note that this guide can be used for cousins, nephews, sons, boyfriends, etc. as well! But stay tuned tomorrow for a little more on that last topic. Also, make sure to check our mom, dad & sister gift guides for any last minute ideas!