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We’ve made it to a milestone on our blog again, and we’re even prouder than before! At 100 we linked back to some of our favorite posts, and we’re doin’ it again! In these past few months we’ve managed to create much more original content. Documenting trips, making recipes, and giving some tips & and we’re so glad you all love reading about it!

Here are some of our personal faves from this spring and summer…

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Mount Monadnock Hikegm_Farm_6


Good Ol’ Blueberry Pancakesgm_Pancakes_6

Did you guys see that we made it onto Food 52’s Food Blog Links We Love? Such an honor!


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Italy Travel Diariesimg_2102-copy


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Travel Diary // Italy

Ugh, sorry for the delay friends! It’s literally been a month since I got back and with starting a new job and such, I have been all over the place. But I’m here for the final installment of travel pictures from my trip and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

IMG_2367 copyIMG_1869 copyIMG_1836 copyIMG_2583 copyProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_2478

^Florence // Although our initial touch down into Italy was in Pisa, it was pitch black and we jumped immediately into a bus after our RyanAir flight, so I’m going to count Florence as our real first Italian destination! We happened to arrive on la notte bianca, and walked off the bus into seriously the busiest streets I’ve ever seen! It was one crazy Florence city party! Anyway, we had our own personal architect tour guide (aka my brother Nick), who showed us the beautiful buildings, delicious food (gelato withdrawals anyone?) & an overall fantastic time! We spent most of our time in Florence staying at 2 awesome Airbnb locations and doing day trips – see below!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

^Pisa // We didn’t expect to go to Pisa, and to be quiet honest, most of us weren’t that excited! BUT that being said, it really blew us away! We went around 9am, and with almost no one around we could truly gaze at this amazing thing! We took about a half hour to observe and gawk before we were off to Cinque Terre…

IMG_2102 copyIMG_2126 copy copyIMG_2203 copyProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_2237 copyProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_2214 copy copyIMG_2225 copy

^Cinque Terre – Riomaggiore & Manarola // This might be one of the most beautiful places of all time! It was beyond gorgeous and it was mind blowing to think about people building and living in these buildings so far away from other cities! (Also, if you have a moment to check out their INSANE vineyards, which are pretty much vertical…). We had a fantastic time basking in the sun and watching Nick go for a dip. I would highly recommend checking out these breath taking cities. *FYI, it isn’t particularly easy to get to Cinque Terre, if you ever have any questions, let me know!

IMG_2784 copyIMG_2607 copyIMG_2738IMG_2768 copyIMG_2791 copyIMG_2776IMG_2787 copy copy

^Wine Country – Greve in Chianti, Casamonti, a few small villages throughout the area  // This day was one of my favorites from the trip! We explored a few quaint villages before (and after) we had an amazing dinner paired with 3 delicious Casamonti Chianti Classico wines. We learned so much about wine and olive oil making in Chianti, and how the Cinta Senese pigs almost went extinct (!). We also had one of the fluffiest tiramisu cakes I have ever seen/tasted (evidence here). It was such a change of scenery from Florence, and the fresh air was extremely refreshing!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And then we came home after 2 weeks of bliss! It was so sad to leave, but 2 weeks away from home, exploring multiple cities and countries was exhausting! I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but I won’t deny sleeping in my own bed was effing amazing. And as I mentioned in my post about Germany, I might not be an expert, but I would love to help with any travel questions you may have! And make sure to check out my Instagram pics for more candid outtakes!

Happy Weekend!

ct_HappyWeekend_13{Image via}

I stumbled upon this image the other day and fell in love – it’s gorgeous and so appropriate for today! As you may have guessed, I’ve been pretty busy (and a tad stressed) getting things together for my trip, but I’m trying to just let go and let it happen (not so easy for a control freak) – and it’s going surprisingly well! But I am ready to get going…so Ciao, friends! I hope you all have fantastic couple of weeks while I’m gone – but first and foremost a great weekend! Check out our links and enjoy this beautiful Friday…xo G&M

cct // Just the cutest video about taking portraits of chickens…

rkv // I’ve been finding myself having a slight lack of sleep these days (which I’m sure has nothing to do with Pinterest), so I found this little beauty tutorial super helpful!

cct // Umm yes, I definitely want her job! Also, how did I not know this series existed??

rkv // Somehow my crazy friend Xiao talked me into doing the Narragansett 10k in July. I’m pretty awful at running, breathing has always been the most difficult part. If you guys have any tips I’d love to hear ’em!

cct // Wait, whattt?! I hope my hair is long enough!

rkv // I’ve been craving quiche for like a month. For some reason I haven’t gotten around to making any yet, but this deep dish recipe may be happening this weekend.

cct // Fingers crossed that the weather will be this good when we stop by Cinque Terre (first photo)!

rkv // I must admit, my house is a little gross right now. Four girls in one abode, all with full time jobs, things get a little dusty! For once I don’t have a much planned this weekend, so it may finally be time to crack down and deep clean.

EuroTrip // Germany & Italy


Words cannot express how excited I am for my family’s little EuroTrip! It is going to be the perfect blend of exploration, relaxation & family time that I need so desperately right now. I’ve been missing my brother Nick a whole lot, and seeing him in Florence in his element will be amazing! It started off as just a trip to Italy, but since Europe is surprisingly small, we started day dreaming about where else we could go. My boyfriend Curtis hasn’t been to Germany, so we wanted to find a way to get there as well – but we probably wouldn’t have actually acted on adding it to our itinerary without the assistance from my grandparents, Oma & Opa, who will be joining us. My Opa grew up there and they got married there, so we’ll be visiting their old stomping grounds and seeing other family who still lives there.

SO – the itinerary is a little loop of Germany {Frankfurt –> Munich –> Nuremburg –> Schlüchtern –> Frankfurt}, then a short flight over from Frankfurt to Pisa on RyanAir and into Florence for the remainder of the trip. This is where we will be meeting up with my parents along with other family members joining us from Germany (full house!) and spending most of our time. We hope to make it to Cinque Terre for a day trip, possibly another day trip to Rome, and definitely some wine tasting in Tuscany. As you may guess I am extremely pumped! I’m off tomorrow afternoon but Reg will be holding down the fort on G&M, so things will be as smooth as ever! I will post a million photos when I return and hopefully get some outfit posts from cute alleyways and cafes as well! See you in 2 weeks! xo Christa

*PS – anyone remember this?

{Images 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5}

Inspired by Europe: Rome

My brother just found out he will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy this up coming semester and I am so happy for him! And me…because I will be visiting him! He will have months to explore Italy and Europe and I can’t wait to see pictures and hear stories about his amazing experience.

Now that everything is official (his acceptance into the program, 2 week vacation approved), my family and I are starting to plan our April/May trip. The possibilities are endless and our minds keep wandering onto all of the places we can go. There is talk about visiting family in Germany, and/or them joining us in Italy, and I will do whatever! But my mom has her heart set on 2 places besides Florence- Rome and Cinque Terra. I had obviously heard about them and seen amazing pictures here and there, but when I saw Carin Olsson‘s photos from her recent trip to Rome, I feel in love. She captures an old world quality that I am dying to experience. Her photos are so warm and welcoming. Take a look:








I am planning to find more beautiful photos of the places we are hoping to visit, so stay tuned! [On the tentative list: Frankfurt, Nuremburg, Florence, Chianti, Cinque Terra]

Also- I’ve been listening to this adorable Anthropologie Italian inspired Spotify playlist, listen here to transport to Italy at work.

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