Happy Weekend!



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Hello, and Happy Friday! This week seemed to do a number on us both, are you guys in the same boat? We’re pretty excited to curl up this weekend and do a whole lot of nothing, shamelessly. Walking to get coffee counts as cardio… right? Right.

cct // I just snagged a really awesome spindle bed on Craigslist with the intention of painting it, but the light finished wood is pretty nice – still debating what to do…

rkv // My coworker recently introduced me to the pretty wonderful pinterest board “My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter,” and I love it tenderly.

cct // Speaking of beds and bedrooms, this great Apartment Therapy article 10 Steps to a Better Bedroom sparked the desire to check Craigslist

rkv // 10 creative grilled cheeses to make your heart skip a beat

cct // I visited my brother at college last weekend and came back with an awesome Taylor Swift remix. I forgot what it’s like to listen to remixes at house parties of people you don’t know, and it was great

rkv // Since we’re on the T-swift note, this 80s aerobics/”Shake It Off” video is sheer joy.

cct // Aerie is my favorite for bras and underwear and I’m happy to hear their anti-photoshopping campaign worked for them!

rkv // It’s sad that it really never occurred to me that Banksy could be a woman.

Sweet Beats // April ’14


Boston was a wonderful place to be yesterday. This spunky little city has been my home for just about three years, and celebrating the marathon with my neighbors on a beautiful spring day just made it feel that much more alive. We felt the warmth of the sun and cheered on the 36,000 runners making the 26.2 mile run. After the year we had, it was nothing short of incredible.

After watching the festivities up the street from our house, my roommate and I decided to honor the runner’s athleticism through our laziness. We sat in the front yard basking in the sun for just about three hours. It was everything we needed after a very cold winter. This playlist was our companion, and I hope you find it just as sunny-day appropriate as we did!

01. wakin on a pretty day // kurt vile

02. i’d rather dance with you // kings of convenience

03. rock & roll // the velvet underground

04. ride with the tide // emilie mover

05. little surprise // the wave pictures

06. everywhere i’m local // har mar superstar

07. illumination // broadcast

08. 7 heure du mat // jacqueline taieb

09. over the ocean // best coast

10. santa maria de feira // devendra banhart

11. let it fall // lykke li

12. too young to burn // sonny & the sunsets

13. every girl // allah-las

14. love in the ruins // french kicks

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