Travel Diary // Tudor City, NYC


One of my best friends from college, Brit moved out to NYC about 6 months ago and I hadn’t had a chance to visit her until this weekend. I must confess that I wouldn’t consider myself a NYC gal, but after visiting her little quiet pocket of the lower east side, I could almost be convinced, ha.

We had a lovely chill weekend catching up, visiting with her roomie Lauren and some of her friends from out of town, meeting Brit’s new kitty Dorian, hanging out in Central Park with my good friend Emily and her adorable pup Pico, and eating delicious food.

Here are some pics from the trip!
gm_TudorCity_14gm_TudorCity_11 gm_TudorCity_12 gm_TudorCity_13

^ Our picnic in Central Park was a success!

gm_TudorCity_1 gm_TudorCity_7 gm_TudorCity_8 gm_TudorCity_15 gm_TudorCity_6

^The Tudor City block with gorgeous little gardens flanking the neighborhood.

gm_TudorCity_3 gm_TudorCity_4 gm_TudorCity_5 gm_TudorCity_9

^ Mini photoshoot in the park and a glorious hibiscus Dough Doughnut for breakfast!


^ And last but not least, Dorian! What a little nug.