Thursday Pins

…Because sometimes you just need a little pin-spiration to keep you motivated, yuh know?


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Sweet Beats // May 2014


{ Image by KT Smail, via Designlovefest }

So I don’t know about you guys, but I become a completely different person once things start warming up and I can go outside without a wool item of clothing. It’s like a gear totally switches in my head and all I want to do is frolic and sing. One result of this gear switching is a (semi) regular fitness routine. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve started training for a 10K, and let me tell you, it is a process. I’ve always been much more of a yoga and strength training kind of girl, and cardio sort of makes me feel like I’m dying. It’s only been about a month, but I’ve definitely been making some endurance progress.

I could never do any of this without a solid playlist to keep me going. While I like to have a lot of your usual upbeat songs, I sort of need a little variety in tempo to keep me interested. I can only handle so much loud bass pounding in my ears before I rip my the earbuds out because I feel it mocking my agony. So here is a little playlist to keep you motivated, it has some highs and lows that hopefully you find equally enjoyable!

*PS. I would usually put them in a more fluid order, but Spotify won’t let me do it on my phone – my apologies!

01. shot // alice smith

02. cut it out // kitten

03. g# // kitten

04. all eyes on you // st. lucia

05. the seed (2.0) // the roots

06. waterfalls // tlc

07. wildfire // sbtrkt feat. little dragon

08. queen bitch // david bowie

09. xo // beyonce

10. modern love // david bowie

11. age of consent // new order

12. genesis // grimes

13. over your shoulder // chromeo

14. baby i’m yours // breakbot feat. irfane

15. take me over // cut copy

– – – – –


Happy Weekend


Ah at last, Friday is upon us. Not sure about you guys, but we’ve been having some serious motivational issues up in here. It’s still cold and grey outside, and we’re getting sick of wearing the same waterproof shoes every day. It’s times like these when we need to kick our tushes into gear, and do something for ourselves. Something inspiring, awakening… anything! Just as long as it’s something for yourself that makes you feel like you’re in a good place. Take this weekend as an opportunity for a little self growth, relaxation, and reflection. Happy weekend, friends!

rkv // This elevated egg mcmuffin by Cupcakes and Cashmere looks to die for

cct // Speaking of motivation, Emma from A Beautiful Mess talking about life long dreams was truly inspiring and will hopefully brighten any gloomy feelings!

rkv // Some homemade steam facials for a little r&r

cct // This has got to be the best tumblr out there (almost an oxymoron, I know). She has compiled the most beautiful images with a soothing playlist to boot!

rkv // In case you live under a rock like me, and still have yet to see Jimmy Fallon’s ragtime Remix to Ignition

cct // If you’re as into Whiskey as I (we?) am/are, I hope you live close enough to one of these places! *Reg, we’re going to Saloon soon!

rkv // Have you ever seen a sweater at the thrift store with a sick pattern, but looks like it should fit an elf? Well, apparently you can make a laptop or kindle case out of it.

cct // I don’t think I can pick just one of these soaps, they all seem amazing! But this one in particular caught my eye, I could really go for some detoxifying.

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