Happy Weekend!

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Hey dolls — whatchya all up to this weekend? My house is gonna be a little on the quiet side this weekend, with one of my roommates out of town. I also have my first big hair chop in years coming up tomorrow. I’m freakin’ out a little, but looking forward to a fresh change. I’m also hoping to get in a thorough apartment clean AND a d.i.y. — this is probably all far too ambitious for two days, but we’ll see how it goes! Christa will be bouncing all around as well, with a friend’s birthday bonfire celebration, checking out Hartford’s Open Studios, and a swanky new cocktail bar that opened up, Little River Restoratives.

Hope you all have a nice weekend, see you on Monday!

rkv // What happened to hobbies???

cct // An Artist Magically Transformed 19 Disney Animals Into Humans – and they’re good too! 

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rkv // Christa and I are pretty much in LOVE with ABC’s Nashville — when I read the reason that Clare Bowen chopped off her long locks, I couldn’t help but feel moved (cct — same!)

cct// Doesn’t this Rosemary Citrus Ginger Cranberry Sauce sound so interesting??

rkv // Nordstrom is having a big fat fall sale

cct // Did you guys read #GirlBoss? It’s next on my list! But I might start with #Girlboss Radio, which is live!

Happy Weekend


Guys, it’s Reg’s BIRTHDAY! Yayyy, can’t wait to hang this weekend! She’s takin’ the day off & sleepin’ in, so it’s just me today. So, as happy as I am that it’s Friday, I had a fantastic first week as Designer at Hartford Prints! (more on that later)! I hope you all had a great week & an even better few days off – it’s supposed to be nice out, so don’t just veg in front of OITNB all weekend (aka, I’m just jelly I can’t be doing that). Check out our links and enjoy the 1st real weekend of June! xo G&M

rkv // In honor of season to of Orange is the New Black

cct // Are you an introvert or extrovert? I answered them about half and half – meaning I’m an ambivert, cool!

rkv // As a kid my go-to popsicle of choice was always the strawberry shortcake ones. As an adult (is that what I am now?) I can make my own!

cct // Is it bad that most of these have crossed my mind at one point or another?

rkv // New month, new seasonal produce!

cct // Airbnb’n across California, yes pleaseee

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