Travel Diary // Palm Springs & Joshua Tree, CA

So I shared my fantastic experience about Designer Vaca last week, but there was more to my trip than just lounging around in the pool and making amazing design friends – Curtis met me out in California for some time in the desert!

gm_JoshuaTree_1 gm_JoshuaTree_2 gm_JoshuaTree_3 gm_JoshuaTree_4 gm_JoshuaTree_5 gm_JoshuaTree_6 gm_JoshuaTree_7 gm_JoshuaTree_8

Our 1st stop was the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, and woah was it cool! My mom had suggested we check it out, and when I started googling pictures I knew it was a must-see. The tramway starts at the bottom of Mount San Jacinto and climbs to almost 11,000 feet! It literally went from 100 degrees to about 60. And the views were breath taking (as you saw above.)  The gondola slowly spins so you get all of the views on your way up and down. Definitely worth the $25 to ride up!

Our next stop was into Joshua Tree. We got an awesome Airbnb and explored both the town of Joshua Tree and the National Park. It was a whopping $20 for a 6 day pass into the park, which we took full advantage of – stopping in for a couple hours here and there, and returning for a sunset, a sunrise and a late night star gazing.


gm_JoshuaTree_9 gm_JoshuaTree_10 gm_JoshuaTree_11 gm_JoshuaTree_12

We called these the Dr. Seuss trees – so crazy looking!

gm_JoshuaTree_13 gm_JoshuaTree_14 gm_JoshuaTree_15

Big Horned Sheep and a *tiny* big of water at Barker Dam, our favorite spot in the park. We hiked in 3 times!


Skull Rock!

gm_JoshuaTree_17 gm_JoshuaTree_18 gm_JoshuaTree_19

Our 1st stop to Keys View – the far mountain in the distance is Mount San Jacinto – the mountain the tram is on. To the left you can see down into Palm Springs, the Coachella Valley and onto the Saltan Sea and Mexico on a clear day.

gm_JoshuaTree_20 gm_JoshuaTree_21

Cap Rock

gm_JoshuaTree_22 gm_JoshuaTree_23

Sunset at Keys View

gm_JoshuaTree_24 gm_JoshuaTree_25 gm_JoshuaTree_26 gm_JoshuaTree_27

We got up at 5 to watch the sunrise on the last day. We found a large rock formation and hiked up around dawn (carefully – I was nervous of snakes & mountain lions!!) so that we had a higher vantage point to see the beautiful pink clouds.


On our way out of the park we saw a coyote that wasn’t going to be distracted by us as he tried to get a critter out of it’s home! (*yes we were in the car!)

Heading back into LA to head home, we stopped at the Cabazon Dinosaurs!

gm_JoshuaTree_28 gm_JoshuaTree_29

Being in the desert was such a unique experience and we loved exploring a part of the country SO different from our own! The little town was great – we seriously had one of the best breakfasts of our lives at the Crossroads Cafe (the Zydeco breakfast), and we had one of the most interesting pizzas we’ve had in awhile – the David Bowie, which was a white pizza with jalapeños, pineapple, caramelized onion, bacon & a fig drizzle. YUM!

We’re already talking about going back, but this time camping in the park! Can’t wait 🙂



Weekend in Acadia

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending my 4th of July in Acadia, Maine. I had never been, but a group of friends and I decided to Air bnb it — and I’m so glad we did! We stayed in the most darling little farm house in Sedgwick, about an hour south from Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. The home owners were so warm and generous, offering fresh produce and eggs from the farm during our stay. Ripe strawberries, blueberries, chives, chard— the works.

Friday night and Saturday day were pretty rainy, so we went antiquing in Ellsworth. Eventually the clouds parted to the most breathtakingly orange sunset below. On Sunday the weather couldn’t have been more ideal, so we headed out to the National Park. If you guys ever have the chance to go, you need to do the Beehive Summit hike. It’s a little nerve wrecking as you scale along the edge of massive cliffs, gripping onto iron bars planted into the rocks, but it was so worth it. The views are unreal and you feel on top of the world in every way possible. There’s also an awesome looking beach in the park that we really wish we had our suits for!

… and we obviously ate lots o’ lobster.

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xo, Reg