Happy Weekend!

{omg how amazing does that look?! Gotta make this asap!}

Oh thank god it’s Friday! What a week! G&M will be hangin in Boston tonight and tomorrow, consuming delicious pizza (and probably wine), and figuring out what glasses Christa should buy from Warby Parker (ah, new territory). Can’t wait!

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cct // So, the rest of my links are themed, sorry if you’re taking a break from that sort of thing, (I probably should as well…). Anyway, we’ll start with Leslie Knope, bc, duh – A letter to America from Leslie Knope, regarding Donald Trump

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Golden Globes 2015

Award Shows are upon us, and celebrity fashion is in the public eye! We thoroughly enjoy these stunning ladies, showing off bold fashion decisions and beautiful looks. Check out some of our faves from last night!

*PSTina Fey and Amy Poehler kicked butt as usual, here is the one joke that’s all over the internet.

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And we can’t forget about the gents…



All images from the New York Times

Brother Gift Guide

And the gift guides continue! My brother is a 20-something who still has a dorm room and is all about showing his personality through his clothes and personal space. This is why I am leaning more towards “non necessities” this holiday. As you can see there are no cooking supplies or socks (leave that to the parents).gm_BrotherGiftGuide

Vintage Letters // These typographical signs are everywhere these days (I have a few floating around my apartment)! Big and bold, this piece will add character to any drab dorm room. *And it just so happens that my brother’s name starts with an N!

Plaid Baseball Hat // Hopefully you caught our post this week about plaid, but in case you missed it, the main gist was that it’s super popular right now. This hat will go over well with this college guy, and the girls will like it too.

Nixon Watch // Watches are making a comeback and I’m very excited about it. A guy with a watch means he’s responsible and doesn’t only rely on his phone (a rare find these days). So get him a watch he’d be proud to wear everyday.

NYT 36 Hours Travel Book // These books come in many versions – Northeast, West Coast, Midwest, US & Canada, etc. And as mentioned in this previous post, my brother will be in Italy this upcoming semester, so this would be a no brainer! Send your brother on adventures with these amazing guides to explore the world. {image via}

Camo Dopp Kit // Dopp kits are becoming more and more popular for the guys. Us women have been carrying our goods along in pretty bags for centuries, it’s about time they caught on. And being a New England girl I had to throw in a little camo (you can thank JCrew for bring it back).

Ace Patch // A flashy patch to add to the army jacket or backpack. Note: When your dad sees, he will make a comment about all of the patches he had “back in the day” when he was in college.

Graphic Tee // If he’s gonna wear a beer tee (which in college, is probably a yes), at least get him a cool looking one. We know PBR tees are ironic, but this will make you look cultured…

Vintage Target Poster // As mentioned before, dorms need a little sprucing up. Sure you could run down to the student union and grab a Fight Club poster, but you sure won’t stand out. Add some uniqueness to your walls, and the target is at least a little bad ass.

**And note that this guide can be used for cousins, nephews, sons, boyfriends, etc. as well! But stay tuned tomorrow for a little more on that last topic. Also, make sure to check our mom, dad & sister gift guides for any last minute ideas!