Oscars 2015

Did you guys get a chance to watch the Oscars last night? I always have a soccer game right in the middle which bums me out, but this year I was able to catch a large chunk. While it wasn’t the most entertaining Oscars of all time (a tad boring if you ask me), it was full of love and social awareness. Lady Gaga was absolutely amazing singing songs from the Sound of music, Birdman & The Grand Budapest Hotel each took home a couple statues, and I was very happy with the overall winners! Did you guys think anyone got snubbed?

*If you missed out and are catching up online – here is a fun recap of the best moments!

And while the awards show is the main focus, how can we not talk about the fashion?! It was as beautiful as ever – check out some of our favorites…

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And these couples were killing it!


* And make sure to check out some of the after party looks!*
{Images via The New York Times}