Happy Weekend!

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So many mixed emotions this weekend! Tonight Reg will be bringing one of her very good friends to the airport to move back to England (don’t go!!), which will be a very heart wrenching process, but then is immediately following it with a weekend of girl fun time with Christa. We’ll be flea-marketing all day tomorrow at Brimfield, with fun photo shoots on Sunday.

What do you guys have a going on? Is it as much as an emotional roller coaster as ours?

Have a great week ended, loves

rkv // For my many friends about to move with their June lease — how to make moving less stressful

cct // How rainbow sprinkles are made – my favorite!!

rkv // The trick to making many many Dutch babies (the food, not the tiny humans)

cct // Anthony Bourdain’s 5 Favorite Whisky Joints in America, and the 1st is in Boston!

rkv // The 4-minute fitness circuit you can do anywhere

cct // Have You Ever Traveled Alone?

rkv // Grapefruit mint mojitos

cct // We designers have pretty dope cookie decorating skillz ūüėČ



Happy Weekend!

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Happy Friday, loves! Well this week flew by, dang. And as we mentioned before, we have busy busy¬†weekends ahead! But we’re not complainin’, the work week is almost over.

Can we talk about those dope sneakers for a moment? We’re feeling the spring closet itch, we want new everything ‚Äď shoes, skirts, dresses, bags ‚Äď you name it, we want it. Something about this crisp spring air invites the need for new clothes, ha. But we’re also trying to be good with our money, so we gotta stay strong, think about inventing new outfit combinations. Any tips for revitalizing your closet in the spring without breaking your budget? xo G&M

cct // Yup, these are bizarre!¬†17 Bizarre¬†Celebrity¬†Couples from the¬†2000’s¬†That Time Forgot

rkv // 16 Chicken Dishes to Make the Most of Spring

cct // ¬†Apartment Therapy’s¬†Ultimate Find-Your-Style Quiz

rkv // 3 secrets from people who always seem to have impossibly clean homes

cct // Yes, yes…¬†White Pizza With Pecorino, Scallions and Egg

rkv // 1 move to strengthen your bum and shoulders at the same time

cct // Ok Game of Thrones fans –¬†9 Times Actual History Was More F***ed Up Than ‚ÄúGame Of¬†Thrones‚ÄĚ

rkv // 20 reaction gifs for every work email

Happy Weekend

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Can we just talk about this delicious looking truck for a second?! We don’t know if we’ve ever seen an automobile¬†look so damn fine. Carb City, and we want in on that.

ANYWAYS, back to real life. We’re¬†here¬†with our Friday links (sorry for the radio silence last Friday, life can be so hectic sometimes!) Christa was in Colorado with Curtis visiting her brother from last Thursday-Tuesday (you may have seen some instagram pictures here & here), and this week has just been insane! I think the full moon week crazy-vibes came a week early…

But is everyone amped for the weekend? We’ll be spending it in Hartford together, shooting our first official contribution post for CT Eats Out! Can’t wait to team up with these guys and share with you all what we come up with. We’ll be doing a monthly post for them, so stay tuned!

cct // Still trying to do the “eat less sweets” thing, but it’s girl scout cookie season, and things like this mock me…

rkv // Yum yum dan dan

cct // I love finding DIYs that are beautiful and not that hard (insert heart eye emoji here)

rkv // Often times when I tell people that I can be pretty shy, they’re a little surprised (considering I definitely have a boisterous side). But one arena that always makes me tense up is networking, so I found this to be a nice read.

cct // Love me some Boho outfits ‚̧

rkv // 13 personal trainers giving some of their best advice

cct // Design*Sponge is killing it right now ‚ÄĒ loving this, this & this.

rkv // All the single ladies ‚ÄĒ¬†Refinery 29 ranks the best dating apps out there

Happy Weekend

Image courtesy of Alanna Taylor Tobin | The Bojon Gourmet

Image & Recipe via The Bojon Gourmet

Fridayyyyy we love youuuu! We’re amped, obviously. Time to sleep in, lounge, and be all things lazy. What’re you guys up to? Gonna be sloths like us? We highly recommend it ūüôā

cct // 12 Ridiculously Clever Ways To Use Extra Takeout Condiments

rkv // I ordered 3 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies from my coworker’s niece last week, and can’t wait to put these pairings to the test

cct // How To Do Bohemian the Scandinavian Way, yassss

rkv // So does this mean that our daughters may a have realistic perception of body image???

cct //¬†Which “Parks And Recreation” Character Are¬†You?

rkv // Loved this quick Ted Talk about this 75-year-old study on happiness, and it was filmed right down the street from my house!

cct // Fun story about David Bowie’s legendary mugshot

rkv // Snow-yoga inspiration photos to get you off of the couch and into that side-crow


Happy Weekend!

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Hello, dearies ‚ÄĒ hope you all had a lovely¬†week, and have an even lovelier¬†couple of days ahead of you. We’re stunned¬†that next week is Thanksgiving. How did that happen??? It feels like as we get older, time goes by so much quicker. Are any of you all feeling similarly?

This past week our small home town in CT¬†experienced some devastating news about a young mother, a member of¬†our graduating¬†class, who¬†suddenly passed. In combination of learning this, of the troubling¬†news in Paris, as well as world-wide current events ¬†‚ÄĒ it’s definitely resulting in some self-reflection. This week we’re feeling especially grateful for our friends, family, and the wonderful community that we were raised in.

While we have mushy hearts this week, we also still have our care-free nature about us. We’ve rounded up our weekly¬†links for you all, hope you enjoy, and we’ll see you on Monday ūüôā

cct // Embroidery with sprinkles, say whaaa?

rkv //¬†Don’t hold yourself back! How to ask for a raise

cct // I’ve just been lovin’ the half up/half down looks these days!

rkv // Last weekend I lopped off about 7 inches of hair, and this tutorial has been my everything ever since

cct // Why Do We Romanticize Stress?

rkv //¬†15 bizarre, yet amazing, hotels ‚ÄĒ #6!

cct // So I learned this smiling trick a while back (the last one on the list), and I¬†really do think it helps! Give it a try this weekend while you’re takin selfies with your ladies before¬†going out ūüėČ

rkv //¬†And the best article-title-ever award goes to…. How to Ron Swanson Your Life

Happy Weekend!

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How pretty are those puppies up there? We want ourselves some figgy fizziness and we want it now. What are you guys up to this weekend? Christa will be traveling in Cali with her bae, while I’ll be supporting my recent addiction to American Horror Story. There’s also the possibility of taking a day trip with my roomies on Sunday to check out the fall foliage. We aren’t sure where yet, but I’ll keep ya posted. Have a beautiful weekend, all!

cct // Curtis and I will be arriving in Joshua Tree this afternoon after an awesome trip up to the Palm Springs Tramway (so cool!) Have any of you guys been there?! Any tips, tricks or recommendations?

rkv // I have a very plain frame-less mirror at home that is screaming for this makeover

cct // These gorgeous paintings are such an interesting idea! Check out all of the paintings here.

rkv // Use this infographic to see if your Halloween costume is offensive

cct // Reg got me hooked on Lord Huron from her last playlist, and now I’m obsessed! I’m not sure I can pick a favorite song yet, but this one is up there.

rkv // 8 ways to use your free time to impress your boss

cct // Guys, not get to get basic on you, BUT Pumpkin Spice Butter

rkv // Ugh, head-cold season is nearly upon us… let’s¬†jazz up your chicken soup


Happy Weekend!

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So sadly Joaquin¬†has rained out our plans to go on a hike in New Hampshire this weekend, but we’re still looking forward to a weekend of cozying up on these chilly days. We’re thinking the three b’s ‚ÄĒ blankies, baking, and beers. Hope you all have an equally relaxing next couple of days!

rkv // How to get out of any kind of rut

cct // It makes me so sad to see how differently people treat physical illness vs. mental illness – this breakdown shows it perfectly. (Also the illustrations are gorgeously quirky ‚ÄĒ love them!)

rkv // Time to switch up those nail colors for fall

cct // *Swoon*¬†23 Reasons Why ‚ÄúThe Princess Bride‚ÄĚ Is The Most Important Movie In Your¬†Life

rkv // I want to be a bronde

cct // Laundry tips and tricks from Rachel Zoe? Ok!

rkv // Tonight is looking like a lazy night in for my roommates and myself, and this mulled cider looks like it will fit right in

cct // Gotta love a good colored trim

Happy Weekend!

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Happy happy Friday, wonderful people! What a week! Christa was wrapping things up for some time¬†off from work next week, with a trip (actually many little trips)¬†to New Hampshire, Denver and Old Lyme (woo!), and Reg’s been keeping busy with a hectic work week,¬†sprinkled with social gatherings of¬†friends. What are you all up to this weekend? Hope it’s a good one!

cct // Any Nashville fans in the house? We’re loving this Free People¬†interview with Clare Bowen (aka Scarlett)!

rkv // Well this sounds positively delightful

cct // This Here Is What The Same Person Looks Like In Dressing Rooms For 20 Different¬†Stores¬†photo essay is both infuriating and oh so true. I feel your pain girl, shit’s hard.

rkv // I actually don’t know how I feel about this

cct // Do you guys love Food52 as much as we do? An old college friend, Kenzi, is the Managing Editor there, and this profile on her is great!

rkv // Movie sequels that really just shouldn’t have been made

cct // Guys, Amy Schumer is the best…also I need to see Trainwreck asap, I’ve heard such great things!

rkv // My everyday gold earring studs are looking a little bit dingy lately, thinking of giving this DIY cleaning technique a whirl

Happy Weekend!

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Hello, all! How’s everyone’s week been? We were both able to keep busy, but not¬†hectic, which is always appreciated! This weekend we have all sorts of things on the agendas… Christa will be celebrating her boyfriend’s birthday as well as a friend’s bachelorette party, while I’ll be mostly taking it easy since I’ve been away the last few weekends. I’m thinking of making brunch tomorrow and¬†having¬†my first attempt at paddle-boarding on Sunday, wish me luck!

rkv // Love this giant framed leaf DIY

cct // #tallgirlprobelms

rkv // 15 cobblers, crumbles, & crisps

cct // I am always looking to connect and collaborate with friends¬†or¬†people I admire creatively ‚Äď this was a good read about how to make that happen!

rkv //¬†20 iconic¬†movie scenes that were improvised ‚ÄĒ who knew?

cct // I sort of like all of these looks (is that weird?!) ‚Äď 100 Years Of Italian Beauty In Just Over A¬†Minute

rkv // Hmmm a 30 day push up challenge... I’m¬†intrigued

cct // Woah, this is an interesting take on how to permanently keep those eyebrows on fleek