Loft Spring 2015

While it may not be quite warm enough to show this much skin, we can at least browse the web and keep our eyes peeled for spring deals! And that is exactly what happened with Loft. They are in the full spring swing of things over there and we are into it — textures, pastels and leather are the star of the show this season. Plus, they’re having 45% off of everything right now, can’t go wrong with that!

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{images via Loft}

Happy Weekend (& Happy New Year!)

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How was your NYE and New Year’s Day? We still can’t believe it’s 2015 – crazy! And what a year it has been! We are so thankful for a wonderful FULL year of blogging in 2014, and are very excited to see what our new adventures, projects and encounters will be in 2015, both for the blog and personally. Cheers to the future! xo G&M

rkv // A non-terrifying detox juice to kickoff 2015

cct // With New Year’s resolutions becoming the focal point of the week, make sure to be kind to yourself while setting goals for the upcoming year

rkv // We love ourselves a good craft — DIY statement wall using paint pens

cct // It’s that time of year again – the time when we all go, “shit I should have been going to the gym all year long…”. Now don’t all go running (ha, yeah right) to the gym now, you know how packed it is. BUT you can at least take advantage to all of the workout gear sales! H&M is ramping up their collection, and I know Gap has some major discounts happening.

rkv // Apartment Therapy’s best advice for a healthier, happier, stress free home 

cct // I finally saw Wild this weekend! I read the book last year and was really excited to finally see it. I am even more excited to report back that I loved it! Also, the soundtrack is pretty awesome.

rkv // Tasty homemade red pepper hummus 

cct // Curtis and I are on the hunt for a new apartment, and this apartment on The Everygirl spoke to me – so beautiful! Have you checked out apartment tours on The Evergirl? They’re pretty amazing – here, here & here are a couple other favorites of mine! Get inspired this new year!

*PS – #fbf to last year’s New Years Resolution post! We’re stickin with those general resolutions, because they’re great things to strive for in life – New Years resolutions or not!

Happy {3-day} Weekend!

happyweekendHello lovies! Since today is our Friday and hopefully we’ll all be off enjoying the 3 day weekend, we thought today would truly act as our Friday – including Friday links! Enjoy, and have a wonderful holiday!

cct // Zara sales are amazing, I wish I had one closer to me – bc I am obsessed with this dress!

rkv // In a couple of weeks we’ll be heading to Christa’s family house in New Hampshire where they have tons of wild blueberry bushes. We’ll have to make these lavender blueberry muffins!

cct // My aunt showed me how to make the “skinny cuff” on my boyfriend jeans and I can’t get enough of it! I’m telling everyone – you probably already know – but if not, take notes! Scroll down to the “tilt & fold” and be amazed!

rkv // I have a couple of furniture pieces in my home in desperate need of a makeover, I love this clean black look!

cct // All of my favorite summer treats illustrated in one place – yes please!

rkv // 5 ways to prepare for an interview

cct // I’ve been wanting to make my own dry shampoo for awhile, and this recipe looks great! Loving the color variation – this dark haired girl needs something less chalky.

rkv // Christa and I are big thrifting fans — so I of course was happy when I saw these 10 common thrift store finds for diy projects