Happy Weekend

happy weekend

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Wait a minute. Is that? Yes, yes it is. It’s the sun I see shining through the window. After a week of some seriously drab weather in New England, I’m so pleased to see Mr. Sun once again. Hopefully it holds through the weekend for all of us, and we can enjoy being in the great outdoors! Now in case you’re wondering, Christa sadly is not blogging these links from Italy, but instead prepped them ahead of time (like the true over-planner that she is – love you, boo!).

Hope you all have all have some glorious weekends ahead of you!

cct // An interesting read on making the decision between “must” & “should”

rkv // I found this pretty free downloadable calendar for May. Perfect for you desk!

cct // Art & science combining – my kind of story! Rachel Sussman’s photographic book documents continuously living organisms 2,000 years old and older – so cool! This video gives a brief description of her journey!

rkv // This “Flowerfetti” cake is so pretty! And I know some body who has a birthday coming up.. hint hint, wink wink

cct // Pucker up gals!

rkv // I’m only in my first week of training for my 10k in July, but so far I’ve found this schedule really helpful!

cct // G&M does Tulum? Here’s to hopin’ (and saving some $$)!

rkv // Smoothie season is upon us! And these look positively divine.

Spring Fever for Jean Jackets


You guys…spring is finally here! With the winter chill finally easing up, it’s time to take your jean jacket out of retirement and embrace that warm spring air. This denim classic should be a staple in every chick’s wardrobe – they pair great with nearly any outfit while allowing you to look effortlessly awesome. Here are some looks we’ve been feeling – they’ll definitely inspire some springy attire:

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Guys – you too! We love a good man in denim…

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