Sweet Beats // November 2015

nov2015{image via Rachel Joy Baransi of The Kitchn}

Do you guys ever bicker with your family in the car about what music to listen to? I’m hoping this playlist will alleviate some of that while you all travel together this week. It’s got a whole of the classics, all of which are pretty guaranteed to make you go “awww I love this song!” or in Dad’s case “whoaaa I haven’t heard this since I played in on vinyl in college,” because he’s just soooo cool.

Click here to play on Spotify

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, all!

november 2015

hold on // john lennon

my sweet lord // george harrison

sittin’ on my sofa // the kinks

not fade away // the rolling stones

ooh la la // faces

fortunate son // creedence clearwater revival

turn! turn! turn! // the byrds

for your love // the yardbirds

sunshine superman // donovan

stuck in the middle with you // stealers wheel

all the young dudes // mott the hoopie

jeepster // t. rex

somebody to love // jefferson airplane

tiny dancer // elton john

never going back again // fleetwood mac

Chocolate “Acorn” Treats


How cute are these little nuggets?! My friend Brittany joined me for a fun Sunday afternoon in making these adorable mini bites, which are *super* easy to make. I made them a couple years ago for Thanksgiving and they were a big hit with the family 😉



1 bag of Hershey Kisses
1 bag of mini Nutterbutters
*optional – mini chocolate chips for “stem” of acorn (seen in instagram link above)


Empty out the bag of mini Nutterbutters and scrape filling out of sandwiched cookies. Throw away filling and keep cookies as filling-free as possible. Arrange on plate or table upside down, ready for the Hershey Kisses.

Unwrap the number of Hershey Kisses as Nutterbutter “tops” and have read next to stove with upside down Nutterbutter cookies ready to assemble.

Heat a medium sized sauce pan to low-medium and touch flat bottom of Hershey Kiss to hot pan. Using the melted chocolate, adhere Kiss to cookie. Continue matching Kiss to cookie until all are paired. *Scrape bottom of pan when necessary to keep chocolate residue from burning.

And enjoy 🙂


As you may have noticed, this time around I did not add the mini chip stem, which is super cute. Looking back now, I sort of wish we had added them, but at the time I didn’t feel like accidentally burning my fingers, ha. Your move, friends!


Happy Weekend!

happy{image via}

Hello, dearies — hope you all had a lovely week, and have an even lovelier couple of days ahead of you. We’re stunned that next week is Thanksgiving. How did that happen??? It feels like as we get older, time goes by so much quicker. Are any of you all feeling similarly?

This past week our small home town in CT experienced some devastating news about a young mother, a member of our graduating class, who suddenly passed. In combination of learning this, of the troubling news in Paris, as well as world-wide current events  — it’s definitely resulting in some self-reflection. This week we’re feeling especially grateful for our friends, family, and the wonderful community that we were raised in.

While we have mushy hearts this week, we also still have our care-free nature about us. We’ve rounded up our weekly links for you all, hope you enjoy, and we’ll see you on Monday 🙂

cct // Embroidery with sprinkles, say whaaa?

rkv // Don’t hold yourself back! How to ask for a raise

cct // I’ve just been lovin’ the half up/half down looks these days!

rkv // Last weekend I lopped off about 7 inches of hair, and this tutorial has been my everything ever since

cct // Why Do We Romanticize Stress?

rkv // 15 bizarre, yet amazing, hotels — #6!

cct // So I learned this smiling trick a while back (the last one on the list), and I really do think it helps! Give it a try this weekend while you’re takin selfies with your ladies before going out 😉

rkv // And the best article-title-ever award goes to…. How to Ron Swanson Your Life

Friendsgiving Recipes


The week before Thanksgiving is all about FRIENDSgiving — when we all get to hang with our closest pals, fill our bellies, and mentally prepare ourselves to hang out with our crazy extended families 🙂 What are you guys planning to make for the upcoming weeks? We scoured the inter-webs and are totally ogling over these tasty looking delights to bring and enjoy with friends:

Clockwise from top left:
Gorgonzola Pomegranate Hasselback Potatoes
Dodge ‘Em Cocktail – Warm Whiskey, Rosemary & Date Syrup
Mississippi Pecan Pie
Pancetta & Sprout Stuffing


Etsy Round Up // Vol 12

Before we start gift guides (eek!), we’ll finish up November with a lovely Etsy Round Up, focusing on rich browns, bright metallics and natural elements – aka the best combo!

Happy (and safe!!) travels today on this crazy snowy day, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo G&M


I’m always drawn to great styling photographs, so beautiful!

il_fullxfull.615698235_2xzb il_fullxfull.454589508_k8i0 il_fullxfull.676016513_hryy

These adorable metallic leather tassels keychains are perfect for gifts!

il_fullxfull.524837001_dnyi il_fullxfull.252792446 copy

I had no ideaI had one of these photographers photos as my phone backdrop for years – so happy to find them on Etsy!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6


Thanksgiving Table Settings

While you’re probably not personally hosting Thanksgiving, I’m sure your mom, grandma, aunt, etc. would love your help in the decorating department. Here are some of our favorite looks for the Thanksgiving table…


01. Festive Centerpieces
Collecting things from around the house and backyard is a great way to tie things together on the table and make it a little more festive. Got some pheasant feathers lying around? I know, we all do. Not quite. But it’s possible that you have some old crafting feathers in a drawer that you never ended up using for anything. Find some old glass bottles and throw a little greenery in there for a seasonal pop of color.


02. Name Cards
Sometimes a simple ol’ pretty name card will do. Whether it’s handmade with calligraphy or drawn with your cousins – the craftiness will shine through in the best way. Use it as a Wednesday evening project to get the family together, and if you’re someone who has a ton of Thanksgiving guests, to reacquaint yourself with Thursday’s lineup.


03. Candles
Hit your local Goodwill or antique shop this week and gather interesting shaped candle sticks for a romantic and vintage look. If they’re not in good shape, don’t fret – grab some brass or gold spray paint from Home Depot and spruce them up! You can stick to all white candles or pick a color that fits your general theme.


04. Menus
To take the sophistication up a notch, menus do just the trick. Pick up some card stock and twine, and have some fun designing your own! Pinterest has all sorts of well-designed inspiration. Wrap them around some pretty linens and you’ll feel like one fancy feline.


05. If all else fails…just add some pretty things together!
Pumpkins, pine cones, flowers, leaves… whatever! Metallics paired with natural items are in right now, so that’s always a good start. Start mixing and matching, and soon enough you’ll have a perfectly eclectic centerpiece filled with conversation starters!

{images} 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5


Happy Weekend!


We visited this gorgeous little spot, Tatte Cookies and Cakes last weekend in Brookline. It’s delicious and completely adorable, but teeny tiny – don’t expect to sit inside, there are literally 3 little tables. But if you’re in the Boston area, you should pop in for a coffee and a treat, because it’s amazing.

What’re you all up to this weekend? Maybe stop by your local coffee shop (that isn’t Starbucks…) for some tasty treats! Have a great weekend!

cct // I’m nowhere near hosting my own Thanksgiving, but this schedule for first-timers seems pretty helpful!

rkv // I’m a freak for good scents (seriously, my perfume collection is a little bonkers), so I was very excited to see this article on 7 natural ways to make your home smells good for the holidays

cct // Some Free People tips on styling vintage clothing. Also – did you see that they launched their own vintage shop? It’s wildly too expensive, but they sure know how to pick unique items

rkv // Tomorrow night sounds like a perfect night for some mulled wine

cct // I want a Handsome Home – do you have one?

rkv // This idea for an eye-shadow cat eye sounds oh-so-easy

cct // Pitch Perfect 2 trailer !!!

rkv // Celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves never gets old

Festive Fall Gathering


Although the temps are in the 30’s, we’re not giving up on Fall quite yet. So gather some friends and have one last festive fall gathering! *Hint, hint — Friendsgiving anyone?

The way to really make this work is to invite a couple friends and have them all bring 1 or 2 easy items like cheese, nuts, fruit, wine, etc., provide them with some cute dishes and you’re good to go! Last month Reg hosted a BYOC party — you guessed it, a “bring your own cheese party.” This was especially adorable due to the cheese labels (see here, here, and here), which help so that you don’t get confused about which kind you’re eating (it happens a lot!). Snack away while chatting, or even watching a show or movie.

holidayparty_2 HolidayParty_3

Our little gathering is brought to you by Trader Joe’s and the H&M home goods section… hah, jk — but really, we got most of the delicious treats and pretty glassware from our two favorite spots. We pooled together on some brie, a cheddar-parmesan blend (which, BTW, is heaven on the rosemary-raison crackers), cashews, sparkling cider, and some fresh fruit for a divine feast for fools.

HolidayParty_5 HolidayParty_6

This turned out to be a delightful way to spend a chilly November Sunday. It isn’t Thanksgiving just yet, so we’re holding out a little longer on cute fall aesthetics.

(Christmas is still pretty damn cute though…)

Happy Weekend!



{image via}

G&M is reuniting this weekend in Boston for some quality girl time, and we’re pretty pumped. We have all sorts of things planned, so hopefully you can read about it all soon!

cct // J.Crew Factory has 40%-60% off all items right now, online and in stores! I would say start checking out items for gifts, but I’m more about grabbing myself a few things…oops! I’m thinkin this, this & this.

rkv // Homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese just never gets old

cct // Our good friend and fellow blogger, Lauren, has been killing it on The Kitchn recently with her DIY projects! Check out how to make this beautiful dip dyed table cloth & beeswax candles.

rkv // 30 very real struggles for curly haired girls

cct // You know we’re all about the bourbon drinks, and this Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour sounds amazing

rkv // Christa and I clearly have one thing on our minds today… because this Thanksgiving cocktail sounds positively divine

cct // I’m at a desk all day, and I can definitely feel it in my back – these 6 desk stretches are perfect for a little pick-me-up

rkv // I found A Cup of Jo’s take on “age ain’t nothing but a number” and “you love who you love” wildly adorable and relatable.

Last Minute Thanksgiving Decor

If your family is anything like mine, waiting until the last minute is basically a tradition in itself – and holiday decorations are no exception. Here are some quick and simple ideas on how to make an instagram-ready Thanksgiving table, with items you likely already have at home!

1. Branches, mason jars, twine, etc.


This image sort of just hits the turkey on the head when it comes to a rustic table setting. I love the combo of natural and glossy textures to create something unique and homey. Scavenge your backyard to find some branches for centerpieces. Evergreen would also look really lovely in mason jars as understated bouquets. Try wrapping some twine around the tops of the jars to add a little extra texture.

2. Linen or doily table runner

linen doily

These materials can be found at pretty much any craft store.

For the linens, simply buy a piece of fabric roughly ten inches longer than your table length, so it hangs off the edges. Cut the fabric to whatever width you prefer. Then using an iron-on-adhesive like this, fold all of the rough edges over and seal with the adhesive so you end up with one clean rectangular table runner.

For the doily version, you can use either fabric doilies or the paper kind. If you opt for fabric, simply stitch the edges together to form an organic flowing shape. If you take the paper route, use hot glue instead of thread. Then ta-da! Table runners galore!

3. Spray painted leftover Halloween pumpkins contemporary-holiday-decorations

Mini pumpkins are a great way to add a little color and shine to your table. Leave some their natural color, and spray paint other gold, silver or white. Pile them in a bowl or scatter them on the table. If you have a lot of little ones in your family, try a Thanksgiving-style Easter-egg hunt with them to keep the kiddies busy while that turkey roasts.

4. Dried leaf place cards


Using some flat dried leaves, and either a white-out pen or sharpie, create some place cards for each table setting.

5. DIY dessert stand


If you have yet to try this classic DIY, holiday parties are your perfect opportunity. You can really use anything flat as the tray, and anything tall and strong as the post. The two easiest materials would probably be old plates and candlestick holders. Use some gorilla glue to stack the plates and candle holders as you prefer, and allow to fully dry. These cute little stands add height and visual appeal to your dessert table.

Okay guys, you have ONE day to make that table pretty to display all of your wonderful wonderful food, now hop to it!

Sources: 1 // 2 // 3 (linen or doily) // 4 // 5

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