Oscars 2015

Did you guys get a chance to watch the Oscars last night? I always have a soccer game right in the middle which bums me out, but this year I was able to catch a large chunk. While it wasn’t the most entertaining Oscars of all time (a tad boring if you ask me), it was full of love and social awareness. Lady Gaga was absolutely amazing singing songs from the Sound of music, Birdman & The Grand Budapest Hotel each took home a couple statues, and I was very happy with the overall winners! Did you guys think anyone got snubbed?

*If you missed out and are catching up online – here is a fun recap of the best moments!

And while the awards show is the main focus, how can we not talk about the fashion?! It was as beautiful as ever – check out some of our favorites…

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And these couples were killing it!


* And make sure to check out some of the after party looks!*
{Images via The New York Times}

Happy Friday!

cheesecake5-1-of-1blogsize copyOh sweet, sweet Friday. The only thing that could make you any sweeter would be the this featured orange-chocolate cheesecake by The Vanilla Bean Blog. The  idea of curling up with this & a cafe au lait by the window and a blanket sounds positively divine, don’t you think? Hope you all have lovely weekends, complete with sweetness in any form!

cct // Although I’m not British, I thought this list of American slang that Brits found confusing, to be pretty cute! Also – check out these idioms from around the world!

rkv // Some time-saving freeze ahead of time meals

cct // Have you guys been able to see most of the Oscar movies? These “if Oscar nominated movies were a little more straight forward” posters are pretty spot on!

rkv // 30% off new arrivals at JCrew Factory, woot!

cct // Ten Things You Should Know Before Getting Into a Relationship With Someone Who Loves Food 

rkv // Pretty little DIY marble beads

cct // Everything Molly Yeh makes is beautiful (like seriously beautiful!), but I need this homemade funfetti cake in my life asap!

rkv // A cardio workout for people who hate cardio *raises hand*

The Oscars // Fashion

Obviously we couldn’t start off this week without talking about our Oscar fashion favorites. These ladies and gents pulled out all the stops to look their freshest, and we can’t help but notice. Here are some of our tops picks from the evening…

emma-watson_20192669317.jpg_gallery_maxcate-blanchett_193056517901.jpg_gallery_maxsandra-bullock_200853621126.jpg_gallery_maxlupita-nyongo_193555600701.jpg_gallery_maxangelina-jolie_201925575881.jpg_gallery_maxnaomi-watts_191418337515.jpg_gallery_maxolivia-wilde_191419309027.jpg_gallery_maxjennifer-garner_203814208842.jpg_gallery_max846x-1 rs_634x1024-140302165209-634.kate-hudson-oscars-030214846x-2rs_634x1024-140302161332-634.Joseph-Gordon-Levitt-Oscars-jmd-020314 rs_634x1024-140302154713-634.jason-sudeikis.cm.3214846x-3

And congratulations to all of the amazing people involved in these movies, the actors, actresses, directors, producers, costume designers, visual effects production, writing, etc. You’re all amazing, even if you didn’t win!

{images from here & here}

Happy Weekend


{Image via}

With Saturday already being February (!!) all we’ve been seeing is pink, pink pink for Valentine’s Day. Is it sad that we’re almost over pink already and the holiday hasn’t even began? That’s why we liked this picture…it’s definitely pink, but it’s also weirdly dramatic and edgy. But don’t worry, we’re not completely done with Valentine’s Day quite yet…we’ll have some VDay related posts for you in the coming weeks! Until then, have a fabulous, weekend, enjoy the Super Bowl if that’s your thing, and check out our Friday links…

cct // since it’s the last day of January this image is very fitting! I see them as salt image interpretations…the concrete outside is pretty crazy looking these days!

rkv // this diy seems a little labor intensive, but it’s just so pretty!

cct // I just need to gloat for a second – my Uncle Pat was nominated for an Oscar for his Visual Effects work in Star Trek into Darkness, so great!

rkv // found out about some free fonts thanks to Cupcakes and Cashmere!

cct // I’m just gonna keep this donut theme rolling…totally into this shirt

rkv // probably making this pizza with the leftover gorgonzola in my fridge

cct // this quote really resonates with me, and if you haven’t checked out The EveryGirl career profiles, you should- they’re incredibly inspiring

rkv // awesome site for some free vintage printables I’m planning to frame