Happy Weekend!


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Hey all! Hope you’re all having lovely Fridays so far! Are your summer plans filling up as quickly as ours are? We got a lot coming up in the near future, so we’re taking this weekend to take it easy and enjoy this blissful weather. Hopefully you all get to do the same!

xo, G&M

cct // Saw this and had to laugh!

rkv // Ugh, as wonderful as summer is, it also comes with the great invasion of the fruit flies.  Because I refuse to let these little buggers impede my banana consumption, I will be trying this reusable trap this weekend!

cct // Proud of Hartford for their World Cup support!

rkv // This looks equally adorable, healthy, and tasty

cct // Pretty cool collab we did at work (Hartford Prints!) with Vineyard Vines

rkv // Tips for my fellow friends with a shopping addiction

cct // I saw Tegan & Sara on Sunday night with friends from college and it brought us BACK. Here is one of my favorite old albums!

rkv // I really respect this person’s commitment to packing a perfect sandwich

Happy Friday!

ice-cream-11 copy

Mmmm waffle cones. Thanks to DesignLoveFest for this beautiful image and diy waffle cone recipe!

Hope you guys all have great plans, big or small, for your weekends ahead! Enjoy em – you deserve it!

cct // Sorry for all of the Game of Thrones (we’re obsessed…), but here is a nice Flash Back Friday round up of some of our fav actors & actresses!

rkv // Spinning off of yesterday’s post… the 12 most attractive soccer players of the 2014 World Cup

cct // Our new summer slow jam

rkv // A tip on how to remember someone’s name

cct // Apartment Therapy has got you covered for a fantastic summer!

rkv // I’m sorry, what? Microwave potato chips?

cct // I hadn’t really noticed this was becoming a trend, but now that I think about it, I think it’s true!

rkv // Lovin’ this Ikea hack

World Cup 2014!

In honor of the first World Cup game today, we have some awesome vintage pics! Hard to believe images and graphics were once this marvelous without the help of instagram, afterlight, vsco, photoshop, illustrator… and endless others. It was an art of coordinating the right moment, great light, perfectly grainy film, and some fierce fonts and color choices. Enjoy!

60dfd9d7f16cb6d7352ff875e6282eb5 1438cf1ea0e51dcd87733f1a77d03824 7909cae067cfbc1b6f7ded311d5fcdad 5a1bc63ebcf66391c4e1555537482936 d221f0f83e2fbc7de35a97e3131f9c71 d7e97d95264938b866761754537431cc e29d53fa0f96ad8e277ab957cf5b5361 6e17e298e6663e06da70488362fb1980 9db70820087a2a9513199d0522ca57a01 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

 Sweet graphics and hunky dudes, amiright? Who are you rooting for?